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y300 and g510 sensors (magenetometer?)

Guest Joe Marshall

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Guest Joe Marshall

Hi all,

The internet appears to be full of wildly conflicting information about what sensors are in the y300 - specifications variously say that it does and doesn't have a magnetometer, that it does and doesn't have a digital compass etc etc. and that the g510 does. As far as I can tell, entirely from people who haven't got one and have read spec sheets. There is even a spec sheet from huawei saying that the y300 has a digital compass, then a comment from huawei on facebook saying it doesn't!

So, can someone who actually has a y300 tell me:

a)does it have a magnetometer or not?

b)If you could run a sensor list app and tell me exactly what sensors it does have, that would be even more super.

If anyone knows the same information for g510 that would be great too.



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