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TWRP restore not working

Guest jimwormold

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Guest jimwormold

Hi all

I've found that restoring backups I've made using TWRP2.6.0.0 are not working. TWRP reports that the restore has been successful but the system never boots fully. It just hands on the splash screen for up to ten minutes (that's the longest I've tried).

I selected system, data and cust positions to restore (in the case of a stock build 194 backup) this morning after a factory reset of a CM rom. I have had it fail in the same way on other backups to but I rarely use a restore so haven't noticed it as a real problem previously.

Does anyone else have any trouble? Should I update my version of TWRP? I see it's at now.

Thanks for your thoughts...

EDIT: I've realised I've posted in the wrong forum (dev). Mods, please feel free to move it to the general g510 forum if more appropriate.

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