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All custom roms for Huawei Ascend Y300/G510

Guest Ducsidu

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Guest TyphoonSco

Sure...,Why not ? :D We have Daz !

This is true @Dazzozo is the best developer we actually have supporting our devices (Y300 and G510), as there is not many actually truely developing for us (sorry to all the other devs) but if you look, nearly all of the Kitkat roms available are built from a merged CM11 build by @Dazzozo. I doubt he's going to give up on our device just yet, even if he's not active here, he's constantly active on GitHub.

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I think he actually said in the CM11 thread that he'll make CM12 as soon as it's sources are available

Also it will be end of few phones since it's a major android release,i would flash it if no one else does,and will cry to dad for buying me A MOTO G 2nd GEN :D

After it is dead !!!

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