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All custom roms for Huawei Ascend Y300/G510

Guest Ducsidu

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Guest andrea2107

Y300 is too weack for LP and MIUI is somehow stupid :D

no,if you don't know the things don't say them...

the y300 isn't too weak,miui is already out but old and 4.1

LP will exit,but daz has no time....but as you can read if nobody will do it(the only other doing this is chil but so far no news from him since now)he will try

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Guest andrea2107

Now i have fast enough Internet (50MBit)

But my PC have only 2GB RAM

Y300-100 has(had)2 GB of RAM..but don't go directly to lollipop,you will fail....try with nameless kk,it is old but the source is ready
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Guest fartfire

I was not planning to work on Lollipop! Because so ungrateful people like you has no dev pleasure to work on lollipop!

Please don't generalize people. There is only a nay sayer rat in every community no matter how great it is and are always the most vocal.
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Guest JérômeBertrej

Hi all!


I'm running my Huawei Y300 - u8833 on a Slimkat custom rom. (4.4.4.build.9.0.20141229).

The kernelcode is 3.4.104-chil-v0.53-g5c1f03a. kyle@dino # 1 (don't know which kernel it is though).


I'm having some issues:

* when being called, I'm not able to see who calls me (most of the times)

* loading times of apps is significantly huge

* apps do crash from time to time, in other words I often get the notification to "wait, rapport, end" the app.

* large apps are unable to work fluently


So, my first question is, is this normal on a hardware limited smartphone that the Y300 is? Because it has only 400mb effectively..

Second, am I able to fix all of this by installing an other custom rom? I want to try something new anywayz.


What I really want, is to have a Y300 as an "empty box" to which I can add all the desired apps.


Many thanks in advance



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