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[Requesting] Port Lewa launcher from lewaOS5

Guest bgmenot111

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LewaOS5 is beautiful rom like miui. it was coming for our devices yesterday. (Official version)


Link for G510:




Link for Y300:




I like this rom because it is beautiful but I can not use LewaOS5 because:


1.free ram is 70Mb only

2. It has some chinese apps

3. It hasnt acceptable speed.

5. Other roms is better.

6.It is said: It has not security



If oneperson make LewaOS5 launcher , We can use it on any roms.





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Good to see the official LewaOS on Y300 and G510.


I am using lewaOS5.


It is good rom but I like cyanogenmod because cyanogenmod is best rom.


I want to have lawaOS5 launcher on cm10.1 or cm10.2

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