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Option for 3G Only Mode Y300

Guest SH3H1

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Hey there,

Is there any way to lock 3g network, i mean wcdma only. Once i used *#*#4636#*#* and it worked but after installing B175(Was in b165) that doesn't work at all. Now i'm on Lunatic Pandora 4.1 there is still no chance to do this

I also tried editing build.prop

ro.telephony.default_network from 0 to 1

Still no use it always shows 2G networ.

Please help me on this

Thanks in advance

Edit: i had to change the value to 2 T_T...my bad

But still 3G only not works it also shows 2g.....

Also is there any good Rom wich will perform the action ????

Thanks once again....:-)

Edit2: i flashed CM10 and the problem solved.

Found everything myself...

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Hi, i'm facing this same problem with the wcdma only selection.

You mentioned your problem is solved when you flashed with cm 10.2

Can you explain more. Do you mean

1. The cm 10.2 allowed you to use buildprop correctly for wcdma


2. The CM10.2 has the option to choose wcdma only. And you don't have to install buildprop anymore?

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CMs and FusionX have an option add to toggle 2G and 3G in notification panel.

Or atleast on both of them *#*#4636#*#* works in dialer.

If we type this it a window will open..there select phone informations->and scroll and in there change wcdma preffered to wcdma only...

Hope helped

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Just to confirm, before i flash.

You're saying 4636 works on huawei y300 if you flash cm10.2 onto it?

Did you tried it on your current ROM??

I recommend fusionX because you're gonna leave CM fast because of irritating bugs and more battery drain than stock.

I can confirm that the code works and also the app i mentioned.

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My huawei y300 rom is b187.

4636 cannot work on it. that's why i asked about your success.

cause i wanted to know if this is the rom problem, or the y300 problem.

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Until today i didn't see anyone who is complaining about bricked phone because of flashing ROM.

Seen some guys enabled swap partition and bricked.

So for Y300 you are good to flash FusionX as i am using it :D

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