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Enhance Music Quality with Noozy Music Player Noozxoide EIZO Dsp

Guest Romagnolo1973

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Guest Romagnolo1973

I'm a PowerAmp user but to tell the truth this Noozy sound better, is easier and it's free

It works perfectly in our Y300 (and I think G510 too)

because I'm not fluent in english I prefer give you some links that explain better how it works


Playstore with descriptions and some pics



Dev site



Addictivetips review



XDA Review



XDA Forum


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Guest Romagnolo1973

Viper4A is kinda buggy for me , it sees the speaker as headphones on Fusion X and in CM 10.2 doesn't work at all.

for me is the same, seems only pump the volume with a lot of distortions.

That's why I suggest Noozy and Noozxoide, it works great and is setting is easy

Sound is realy great, better than PowerAmp and the best that I have tried

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