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[RECOVERY][Y300]Return to complete STOCK instructions

Guest maniv

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I struggled to get my phone back to stock as I could not get any update.app to work.  I was finally able to achieve this through the help of others on this forum, and as promised, I have put together instructions and all the relevant files needed to get back to stock.


My phone is a UK phone with the following build number: Y300-0100V100R001C00B194, purchased in July 2013 

So the stock recovery included is specifically for this, but maybe you can use it for your country.


For this to work you will have to have TWRP recovery already installed.  Also, if anything goes wrong then please do not blame me, as I am only sharing what I know.


Download the Stock.7z file and extract it wherever you like. 



The checksum for this file is:

MD5: BFA1D584BB8B629C0394EE775339E6A2



Do the following in order.


From the "ROM BACKUP - as from purchase" folder

1.    Place the TWRP folder in the root of the micro SD - so your path on the micro SD card should look like \TWRP\BACKUPS\...........


Place these 2 files in the root of the micro SD

2.    recovery-stock.zip

3.    remove_su_binary.zip


4.    Boot into TWRP recovery on the phone - If the phone is off then keep hold of the volume up and power button  

5.    Choose restore from micro SD


If SU needs to be removed

6.    Install "remove_su_binary" via TWRP


To remove TWRP

7.    Install "recovery-stock.zip" from root of SD via TWRP


8.    You now have Huawei Recovery - Boot into Huawei Recovery - Hold volume up and Power button till you see the Android and red triangle

9.    Wipe cache partition

10.  Wipe data/factory reset

11.  Reboot


Done - Your phone should be exactly as it was when it came out the box, except for if you have unlocked your BootLoader, which you probably have.



BootLoader relock instructions


You need to know your unlock code, as it is the same code to relock.

Necessary drivers and adb have to be installed on your PC.



1.    Boot into BootLoader - powered off, hold the volume down and power button for 10 sec.

2.    Connect the phone to your PC

3.    Open up command prompt

4.    Navigate to ADB folder using the “cd” command, so your path might look like c:\adb\

5.    Type "fastboot  oem  get-bootinfo" -  without speech marks

6.    Enter

7.    Now you can see if your Bootloader is locked or unlocked

8.    To relock

9.    Type "fastboot oem relock xxxxxxxxxxx" - without speech marks and the "xxxxxxxx..." represent your unlock password

10.  Enter



If anyone wants to add their suggestions/tips then please go ahead.  Hope this helps someone.



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Guest albyhart

Hello maniv

I'm a newby and would like to ask where to get the recovery-stock.zip   I managed to find the remove_su_binary.zip

I am having problems with my Y300 bought in the UK it keeps trying to download an updated file of 127MB but fails and then tries to download again. it has downloaded about 7 times -- I have to keep it switched off to stop it. so your guide seems a godsend if I could only get the file downloads.




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