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[KK] [4.4.4] CyanogenMod 11.0 [ROM] [ALL] [WEEKLY BUILDS ON FRIDAY]

Guest Dazzozo

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Guest Massy97

Nightly 09/12/2013 U8833


-Tethering Wi-Fi

-Translate better (ITA)


-Video (Streaming and not)

-CRT Animation is made hurt (You talk with Kra1o5, He made the best Animation)

-ART don't work

-Lag any browser

-Camera goes in spurts

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Guest pablon86


Can you repair the problem with the sound, it does restart the phone, especially with grooveshark and google play music?
I am a paid subscriber to both services.
This problem occurs in both 10.2 and 11, but not happen in 10.1 (kra1o5)
Thanks in advance
PS: Google translate english... Sorry


I can confirm this. Google Play Music streaming lags the phone completely and it lasts 3 seconds before rebooting itself.

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Guest rederik75

Sorry for noob question, where is it possible to check this rom changelogs without flashing it? Thanks!

By clicking on the build name in the updates menu

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Guest l30n4rd086

I try to move app (like Facebook Messenger or Adobe Acrobat) from phone memory to sd by "settings->app" menu, but it fails.

I've done my sd as primary memory.

Thank you

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Guest rederik75

But i don't want to flash it now, how can i check changelogs without flashing

If you tap on the update name you open the changelog, while if you tap on the icon you flash the update...

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Moving apps to primay mounted SD isn't working. Beside that apps even can't access it. Rocketplayer gets the directories but not the data in it. Access via fileexplorer is working fine.

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Guest Market88

Sorry double posted...

Sorry that i didn't said it before but I've not this rom on my phone so i can't go in the Update menu :rolleyes: is there a changelog on the web or git hub url can you give me the url? Sorry again for mu bad explanation

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Guest internectual

why do people go crazy about fm radio, just download another radio

Why do you care what others want? FM Radio is supported on our phone and unlike all the other download options it doesn't require a data connection or count towards usage caps.

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Thank you Dazzozo, I like this ROM.


I've got a question about ADB. I can't get my Y300 recognized in ADB, on my Windows 8.1 computer.

I downloaded the latest platform tools (rev. 19, ADB version 1.0.31) and enabled USB debugging. I also installed the Huawei Handset WinDriver, but when I enable USB debugging, I see that there are no compatible drivers for "Ascend Y300". Do I need to install additional drivers? 


When I'm using Ubuntu, I'm able to use ADB and fastboot without a problem.


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Guest propheus01

cm-11-20131209 build:


Bugs / problems


Choosing external SD as primary  storage: can move apps to sdcard. Also can mount SDcard.

Audio is messup. it get's laggy sometimes stops for a moments, also the volume is messup on higher tones it just stifle. * // common in 10.2 as well *//

And HWA. Games are slow and messup graphics. Internet  browser very slow. * // common in 10.2 as well *//

Battery Drain * // common in 10.2 as well *//


keep up the good work ;)

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