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charging problems

Guest exekutive

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Guest exekutive
This phone seems to be very picky about chargers. Some will only charge when the phone is powered off, and some not at all. What is going on??
Chargers that work:
- Computer USB port
- Car stereo USB port
Will charge if I power off the phone:
Blackberry (500mA)
Sony digital camera (500mA)
Won't charge at all:
- iPhone (white cube)
- 4 different car cigarette lighter chargers, including one rapid charger designed for any (including Samsung) phones (3A)
The only ones I have at home that work are the blackberry and Sony, and they charge too slowly (500mA).  Sometimes, the phone display will show that it's charging, but it just slowly dies. I don't know what this phone wants.  Any ideas?
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