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Going back to stock + locked bootloader

Guest Ken`

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I just bought a Huawei Ascend G510-0100 (italy, unbranded).

However, the phone is sometimes sluggish and I hate EmotionUI. I'd like to try Cyanogenmod 10.1, Jellybeer or, if it's usable, CM11.


If I unlock the bootloader (with dc unlocker), can I flash the stock rom back and lock the bootloader to keep the warranty?

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Guest ZolaIII

There will still be a trace that you did unlock boot loader!

In ADB console it will say relocked not just originally locked.

I always ask repair service do they want it locked before shipping ro repair!

They never answered that they insist on it & i newer lost warranty.

Even my Y300 whose on service all ready.

After all if you ship it back with original firmware then they can't complain about software problems cased by user (that is if you don't badword up something that is not in basic firmware like baseband...).

Repair process is simple: 1. Based on a problem description first try to software resolve it by flashing complete firmware, 2 if this is not a case then it's a hardware problem & so try to replace hardware part if this is possible & you have it (display, camera, data clip or SoC) if not give a user a new unit. Display still takes around 60% of all service repairs & in most cases it's most priced part to change (SoCs are actually cheaper). Some time ago i did this work for a living.

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Thank you. Where can I find a guide or a link to the stock firmware, so I can keep it just in case?

G510-0100, build number ends with B170

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It's an zipped update.app i think....

So when you flash it you will get everything stock ;)

Extract it and you will get a dload folder

Copy it to root of yout memory card

Power off the phone

And press vol up+down+power combo

Phone will do the rest process for you to go to stock :wub:


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