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[ROM][4.1.2][2014/03/02][STABLE] FluffyRom v2

Guest Dani2014

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Guest Dani2014


FOR G510/Y300
Based on CM10 - Tweaks - Gapps included !!!

FOR Y300 Users: the best for you is FluffyRom v1
Fluffy ROM v2 have some bugs on your device

[!!! Perfect gameplay !!!]



Some Y300 users have bugs with FluffyROM v2.

I'll make a extra rom based on stock firmware.

This have no bugs and NFC is supported.

Please comment my thread if you need my

rom fast, smoot and without bugs on stock rom.


About me:


I'm from german and a samsung dev. But my wife have a G510 and i cook her this rom. She love the speed and smooth scrolling ( She love the game "Candy crush saga" - works perfect ). Now - you can download my ROM. I hope you like my work !?! What i mean "perfect gameplay": Load games fast, no stutter, perfect graphic. Why CM 10? I have tested some custom roms for this device ... The only fast and stable rom is CM10! ;)


User comments


This ROM (v2) is fantastic ... I have not seen anything like it. I used over 200 ROMs, including each update, but this is the friendliest, smoothest and stable. Quickoffice...oaw !
A big thank you!
- catone37


My compliments...this is an awesome rom.... -cuvetto


Dani good job, this is my favorite rom, all works perfectly, .... DANI THANKS FOR CREATE THE BEST ROM - demianmasnah





- some apps in data folder ( you can delete what you don't need )

- Tabbed Notifications

- Tabbed System settings

- Modified Huawei Bootanimation

- Some speed-, audio- , system and videotweaks

- Advanced camera ( select folders, set location and many more )

- Port Ascend P6 camera

- Nexus 5 tones ( alarm-, notification-, ringtone-sounds )

- Samsung Galaxy S4 tones ( alarm-, notification-, ringtone-sounds )


Internal Tweaks


- Increase download/upload/3G speeds

- Power safe Tweaks

- Media Tweaks ( Audio, Video, Photo )

- System Tweaks ( no callring delay, disabled blackscreen after call and many more - i can't remember )

- Quicker boot

- Smooth scrolling

- Disabled error reports

- and many, many more ...




- Gapps included

- Advanced SMS/MMS Settings ( Wallpaper, Colors and many more )

- Mi File Explorer

- Auto Brightness

- some Apps removed ( Google+, Talk etc. for better performance )

- Nova Launcher and Trebuchet Launcher

- Notify Sysinfo

- Xperia Keyboard

- Google Keyboard ( in data/apps - can be deinstall )

- If you need - install in xPosed: Gravity Box for JB ( make transparent statusbar and many many other tweaks )



If you need: here you can find CeXstel Kernel 0.6 to flash AFTER this rom

Download: Click here




- new audio driver

- this rom is optimized for system and games!

- antutu benchmar result with original kernel: 8200 - with cexstel 0.6: 8754!




This is the stable version

- all things work

- you can delete some app that you don't need

- high customizable!

- for white notification bar activate "Kitkat theme" in settings => designs

- for center clock and transparent statusbar install xposed and gravity box





- If you have Wifi problems flash this ZIP-File

- Phone doesn't reboot and have a bootloop? Remove battery for 5 seconds and reboot - this will fix



You like Galaxy S4?

Here is a howto to transform FluffyROM or other CM10 ROM to Galaxy S4


- after flash my rom use nova launcher as standard

- set grid to 6 rows and  5 columns

- Install this theme apk from playstore ( free )

- goto settings => themes and aktivate this touchwiz theme

- Install zooper widget ( free version or pay version )

- Copy this zooper widget to your external sdcard => ZooperWidget/Templates

- add a zooper widget to homescreen and resize it to 5 x 3

- tap on it and select the widget from sdcard

- download this wallpaper and set as background

- install this apk from playstore ( free )

- set in nova launcher icon pack this theme

- Wrong icon? Long press on an icon and change it :)


Done ...





Older versions


- FluffyRom v1

- Update 1: Click here

- Update 2: Click here

- Update 3: Click here


Howto install


- Download ROM and put it on sdcard

- Wifi fix: Click here ( flash via cwm after rom - thanks fonz93 )

- boot into recovery

- make a data/factory reset

- wipe cache and dalvyk cache

- format system and data

- install rom ( this take some time! Up to 5 minutes! )

- reboot and enjoy!



- view attachments



























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Nice !!!

How's the battery life??(Screen On time)

Does notification comes for FB messenger and others while phone is locked?

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Guest Dani2014

For your questions: i don't know :( Only Facebook Messenger: on unlocked Phone works - on lockscreen i havn't test it
I have finished this ROM 30 minutes before :D

But i think: The rom can be underclocking (down to 19MHz) and some tweaks are save battery life

With the app "Auto Brightness" should the battery time to be perfect :)

Edited by Dani2014
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Guest bogdanwp





Dani2014 , if you want better english on recovery text , try this : ``Welcome to an amazing Custom Rom`` ``Please wait ! This will take some time``. I don`t mean to correct you , i just want to help :D Thanks for the rom by the way , flashing at the moment




Flashing successful on Y300-0100. Testing.




Wish there was a setting for the sound like an equalizer or something. Sound is clear and nice but volume is a little low compared to CM DSP.

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Guest pinky0978

Initial impressions, all good! Not tried any games yet, nor enabled swap, will report later on those. Rom is quick, smooth, and so far battery life not bad, down 14 % in about 3 hours moderate use; reinstalling apps, some browsing etc. Will see if worms and rr3 run ok now!

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Guest pinky0978

Worms doesn't work, have enabled 256mb swap file with ram manager pro, and tried various settings, game boots but hangs quite soon after. Scrabble works however!

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Guest Dani2014

No WiFi issues here, connected now while replying!


Thats not right! Wifi works better as on CM10 original!




Worms doesn't work, have enabled 256mb swap file with ram manager pro, and tried various settings, game boots but hangs quite soon after. Scrabble works however!


Worms requires a lot of resources. This phone does not have this. I can improve the rom, but i can't magic. :-P

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Guest Dani2014

Installed on my brothers phone 8500 Antutu, great ROM. Tnx

Can we got two different downloads, one for G510 and one for Y300(This one is for Y300)?

it's one rom for both phones ;) works on Y300 and G510

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Guest Dani2014

many users says: "Why not CM11" (on facebook and in whatsapp) The answer: CM 10.1 and CM11 have bugs with video streaming and other little things. I wait for a stable CM11 without this errors. If this published i cook a rom on CM11 :) CM10 is the fastest rom for this phone today :)

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