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[ROM] Expert V4 FINAL [CM10.1] [4.2.2]

Guest TayoOnabule

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Guest TayoOnabule


All this is Toliao's Work, thank him for making this awesome ROM


Original Thread on HTCMania: http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=771955


Gapps Download

V4 FINAL Changelog

// I'm not sure what's been changed, but i recommend updating because it's definitely smoother and faster


V4 Changelog

//Kernel updated to 0.58 cesxtel. Yes there are more updated versions, but I like this one the most.
// Updated all app especially interesting latest version of AOKP Performance Control - These settings are preset to my liking, as in previous versions you can play with them as You Like It
// Full-Odex rom, system app, and special framework.Odexado data folder to avoid the "updating applications 1,2,3 ... 115" very fast inicio.Arranca
// Removed low battery warning, thanks M80DV

// Build.prop rebuilt almost completely. Fonz93 included a few lines to improving gaming performance, thanks friend.
// Some improvements in performance, it is faster than the V3
// New swap-cache to 100 mb gamer style, some will say that is not enough, but according to our test, youcould reduce it to 75 without affecting the performance at all. Thanks jaccs
// Deleted ad-away.
// Deleted youtube.
// SD and general cache files are cleaned every boot
// Added JoeVLC to playback videos, solves the problems caused by the V3 kernel.
// Added Dazozzo's audio libs that give better audio Thanks Dazz. Fonz_93 ad profits us and he shared a zip that contained [/ color]
// Fixed default clock application chart
// Replaced keyboard with Google 2.0 AOSP keyboard with swipe function
// Camera bug has gone, thanks Kra1o5 as i took part of his framework.
// Deep-cleaning and zip zipaline
// My friend FBlack has made me a custom boot animation, thanks, very much
// Default-Wallpaper Expert V4
// Updated gapps, weigh more, but spend less
// More things I do not remember ...

// CeXstel Kernel v5.7 (some say; the best)
// Extreme Smoothness (Smoothest and fastest ROM i've ever tried)
// ODEXed all apps
// Performance Control
// Build.prop Tweaks - Consumes less battery
// Nova Launcher
// Ultralight!
Downloads (I will upload mirrors as soon as i can)
// V4 FINAL - http://www.mediafire.com/download/cfvw9gnegwrid8l/Expert_V4+FINAL.zip

// V4 FINAL Mirror - I can upload a mirror if anyone needs one :)


// V3 - https://mega.co.nz/#!BBBgFTKS!aXzzGmQF85oBZOTYxSsIBGExTz5FdMKBXCg4lLZI3zY

// V3 Mirror - https://shared.com/cu0xgav84s?s=l
// V2.2 - https://mega.co.nz/#!hUZWHSjD!VL70BQSnqpVEF6fsBJd0BwsmcjMdX0ydcrd8SS_IihQ
// V2.2 Mirror - https://shared.com/c0pbgrhilf?s=l


// Mini Gapps (Only 14.7MB) - https://mega.co.nz/#!QcQlFaCR!XJsM5UYjTXp-N0Ev-khic1zrq-EzCNdjAFE2EebemJQ
// Mini Gapps Mirror - https://shared.com/rjl3zlkptm?s=l


Installation Instructions
// Wipe Dalvik Cache, Cache, Data, System and Cust
// Flash Expert ROM
// Flash Gapps
// Wipe Dalvik Cache and Cache
// Reboot And Enjoy!

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Guest TayoOnabule

Wipe dalvik/cache after flashing,please...

Thanks for the thread

Will do :)

No no, Thank YOU for the amazing ROM. I pretty much consider it my stock ROM. Very reliable and so so smooth.

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Guest TayoOnabule

No network connection after installing this ROM. Only emergency calls. I tried it several times.

Are you on dual-sim?

Also, make sure you do all the wipes i listed. Dalvik Cache, Cache, Data, System and Cust. Then after flashing, wipe Dalvik Cache and Cache

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No network connection after installing this ROM. Only emergency calls. I tried it several times.

I had no mobile network/signal until i rebooted twice, it just gets faster and smoother after several reboots.

Great ROM

Been using v2.2 up till now, this (V3) is slightly smoother and more responsive.


To get 'Developer Settings', go to 'About Phone' and tap Build Number about 10 times.

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Asro would u plzz guide me how to make swap partition in right place :/ cuz i also brickedmy device once by wrong partition of swap :/

@Bick: you're right. Af ter rebooting twice mobile network is working! Thnx for your suggestion.

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Guest hybbert

Great ROM at the first look but the followig problem after changing first storage to external sdcard:

Cannot install any app, cause "there is no storage left" but only ~70mb used.....




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I don't see my phonebook sim..why? Sorry for my english i'm italian

Go to menu. Import/Export. Import from SIM card


Sorry, i don't speak Italian!

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Guest SH3H1

Guys...someone give me a mirror because mega sucks for mobile users :blush:

This will work on Y300,right? :huh:

Can't wait to try :D

TayaOnabule plz <3

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