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[MOD] [JB] [Space MOD] 4.2 Statusbar For Fusion X [24/05/14]

Guest Victod

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Guest Naikkon

helo victod.

i pasted the systemui made by you and it works.

but on the first screen the toggles are like fusionX right ? [ first post]

i like the status bar too. but can you make the stock status bar white only for me man ? please !

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Guest Victod
           V 1.8 [24/05/2014]
           .-New method to Contact's button
           .-New image to App button
           .-New KitKat icons (Signal & Wifi)
           .-Interchanged "dev" and "language" buttons 
           .-Included motorolla camera in zip file.
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Guest H3ROS

This was designed for FusionX and FusionX has a very buggy SystemUI to start with, so don't use this with ASOP MOD. It'll either force close or log errors that'll cause battery drain.


The FusionX SystemUI doesn't have full hardware acceleration and the power widgets are very buggy.

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