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Huawei G510 help please

Guest bigbluefish

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Guest bigbluefish

hi all sorry if this is in the wrong place , I have just rooted my first ever phone the Huawei G510 and I would like to put a new custom rom on to it (was looking at the custom iphone rom for Huawei G510 ) , can anyone please give me a step by step on how this is done please ?? I have spent days looking at youtube videos and looking on the net but still getting no where.


some info about phone


the Huawei is a new phone that was sitting around the house for 6 months never got much use


1 the phone is rooted 

2 the bootloader was unlocked with DC-unlocker

3 have goo manager and apk manager on phone also have superSU on the phone

4 also the phone build number is B193


now can I please ask what would be my first step to take   




thank you guys for taking the time to read my post

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