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ZTE Atlas40 Patches and Programs

Guest MJonMoDaCo

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Guest MJonMoDaCo

Hi Everyone,


I went to the effort of making a repository of all the relevant patches and programs over in the Blade forum for our "atlas40" devices (meaning both Acqua and BladeIII phones) and it would really be remiss of me if you didn't get notification of the same. After all, it's the patches that KonstaT and co have provided us that even makes this a worthwhile venture, no matter how simple.


It will include the programs that Tobonator refers to, as well as other patches that have been pushed so far down the Blade 3 forum, that they will be easily missed by those that don't care to look.

So, I've gathered them all together over on the cloud. I also have ZTE drivers for our atlas40 devices, which I'm sure you'd be puzzled about, as the drivers for your phone are on your device right? Well, these also include fastboot drivers as well, and is a larger install (at 9.5MB) than the one you have on your phone (4.5MB or so). I've had trouble trying to find those again despite searching for them, and I don't really care to lose them, so its best if we share them out...


The dropbox repository is here.


Have anything useful that you'd like to contribute here? Go for it. I'm all ears.







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