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it might work?

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Guest SH3H1

Of course...we all would be glad if Dazzozo succeed in getting the driver working properly (i don't expect perfectly :P ) working for adreno 203 - There is a hell lot people who is gonna credit him , including nokia X people !

i think it would be best effort from Him since it is the OS version that is really suitable for our device !

Seriously i'm frustuated when other people gets Adreno™ 2xx series working drivers and we don't :O

Galaxy S Plus (Adreno™ 205) have mass dev activity and that helped Galaxy W !

Daz said there is a way to do !!

But he is fighting alone here :( :wacko:

My suggestion is to all Devs

Kra1o5+Dazzozo+Joestone+chil360+eloimuns+(All) to team up and have a look in this !

Maybe KonstaT can help - i don't know !

i'm satisfied with your work Daz but the UI is sometime irritating ! the UI smoothness is all that i lack from Any kitkat ROMs ! I've got the performance i need !

Thank you :)

Edit: They have a team of devs and i think that what we lacks !


Can look at their source !

As far as i know adreno 203 has same specs as adreno 205 but better performance :O (Better never gets better :P )

Edit2: The GS+ guys's Kitkat is fast and smooth :( i'm jealous :O

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