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Hey I'm new but I need some help please... :O

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Hey I'm new to these forums, I used to use XDA but they dont have a forum for Huawei Ascend Y300 which is my phone at the moment. Ok so I bought this around 6 months ago, it's a great phone with a lot of capabilities, but I think it's missing stuff, so I want to root it. I've had a few other Android phone but I usually waited a bit before rooting them, well I've waited now with the Y300 and I think it's time to do so. Anyways here is what I need help with:


  • I need help to root this thing, like from the start like from SCRATCH... I don't wanna brick the damn thing, so I just need a bit of help rooting it the easiest and quickest way...
  • Secondly I want a ROM with like the maybe the newest Android versions of Jellybean and Kitkat. And also I want a ROM with the Emotion 2.3 UI which is on the Huawei P7 (this UI looks amazing!)  :D


  • Yeh so when I got this phone it was pretty smooth, then it just got laggy from there... I don't know but it's really annoying especially for a phone with decent specs. I want a ROM with that UI from above and no lag or very minimal lag, smooth as silk... Even as smooth as my bro's phone the Sony Xperia M... That phone has very similar specs to the Y300 but it runs on fine....
  • Lastly I need to know if the Y300 internal storage can be expanded somehow... It said 4GB on the box and when I receive it it only has 1GB for the user... Like come one man.... It's so annoying. Is there anyway of getting that extra 3GB, even an extra 1-2GB would do. 1GB is just so low that sometime when I try to download the smallest sized apps it won't work because the storage space is low...  <_< 

Anyways hope some can help, I'd really appreciate this :) and thanks for everything. I look forward to using this forum as a source for info on the Y300.


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Hi welcome to forum :)


1) Follow this guide http://www.modaco.com/topic/368395-guide-20-ascend-y300-100-b182-bootloader-unlock-twrp-root-custom-rom-flash/

2) I dont know, but if I find I post here

3) If you want stock based ROM try this http://www.modaco.com/topic/372741-rom-411-b200-aosp-mod/

 non-stock ROMs:  http://www.modaco.com/topic/373280-jb-422-cyanogenmod-101-rom-31082014/  http://actualizatumovil.com/showthread.php?tid=39  http://www.modaco.com/topic/372943-rom-all-422-carbonrom-080714/  check and see which is better for you. I will suggest you ROM from fonz93 (it is still in develop, but it is stable and have a long battery time). If you want KitKat ROM http://www.modaco.com/topic/368306-rom442y300-slimkat-beta-23-unofficial-17012014/ this is the best for now.

4) You can extend it by SD card. Yeah, there is a 4GB. 2GB for system (I think), 1GB for apps and 1GB for your stuff. You can put SD card size up to 32GB.


P.S. Xperia M has 1GB of RAM, this phone only 512MB ;)



Here is Emotion UI 1.6 http://www.huaweinews.com/downloads/hwlauncher6.apk and Emotion UI 2.0 http://dlbase.huaweiblog.de/data/_uploaded/downloads/files/EmotionUI/2.0_Beta/HwLauncher6.apk

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I can't get that bootloader unlock code... When I make the screen turn pink and connect to PC and open that program it keeps saying phone not found... I need that UNLOCK CODE!

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But it's not providing me with one... Like I press the magnifying glass (on DC Unlocker) and it searches something for a while and then says 'phone not found'... I installed the correct drivers as well :(

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