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Sim Lock?

Guest r3ndr4g

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Hello all,

How can I check my Y300's sim lock status?

Originally the phone was bought from Telstra Australia.

I unlocked bootloader and installed SlimKat 4.4, now fastboot "OEM get-bootinfo" sits waiting for

device, I have tried in recovery fast boot and debugging mode without luck.

All drivers installed, running win7.

Any help would be great cheers..

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That command shows the info about Bootloader state ! It's not SIM Lock , sim lock is something to do with IMEI,so that you can't use any other SIM !

Try other SIM to confirm if the device is SIM locked or Not

+You need to be in STOCK in order to unlock it with the code from your operator,not for testing i think ( we don't recieve any SIM locked devices in our country :lol: )

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Thanks for quick reply,

While using SlimKat 4.4 when I inserted a optus sim i just couldn't connect to mobile network, now with gamer v3x installed I'm told the phone is sim locked.

So has anybody had to unlock their phone? What is the best course of action to do so?


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