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[ROM][ALL][KK] Nameless Rom [18/10/14]

Guest chil360

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Guest chil360

This is an unofficial build of NamelessRom for the Y300/G510/G330







Downloads :Y300  -  G510  -  G330


Github : Source Code and Build Guide


Latest Build: 18/10/14

  • Added OTA support through NamelessCenter




  • On-The-Go Mode
  • NamelessROM Setup Wizard (replaces Google SetupWizard)
  • DeviceControl App - Allows for device-specific customizations
  • NamelessROM OTA Update Center
  • Fully Integrated KitKat White UI Theme
  • Advanced Device Information in Settings -> About Phone
  • Animation Control
  • Custom Battery Icon Settings
  • Center Clock Setting
  • Custom Carrier Label
  • Signal Icon Settings
  • Network Activity Indicator
  • Network Speed Indicator
  • Notification Count in StatusBar
  • Double-Tap StatusBar to Sleep
  • Theme Chooser
  • Recents RAM Bar
  • Configurable / Hide-able ClearAll Button in Recents
  • Screen-Off Animations
  • BrightnessSlider in Notification Drawer
  • Contextual Notification Panel Headers
  • Auto-Close Notification Drawer
  • Notification Drawer / Notification Transparency Settings
  • CM QuickToggles and Ribbons
  • and more ..


At the moment this is just a test build. Not sure if I want to build this regularly - I just wanted to try it and see what it is like!

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Guest chil360

Thanks... I'll add it now.


Luca, for your builds, are you still using the framework/av & native from the rom (Madhi/AOSPA) rather than the modified legacymod versions?


In this rom I used the Nameless versions of av & native - so far everything I have tried seems to work.

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Guest LotR656

You guys ported so much ROMs this week and they are all great. Nice work!

When i get some money i will donate to you, it will not be too much, but i think one beer will be good to relax a little bit.

When you port all these ROMs, please port new Windows 10 for our phones. Thanks in advance :P

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Guest chil360

A beer would be good right now while I wait for this build to finish!


Just trying to make sure the Y300 rom builds cleanly with the sources I have published. Then I will build a G510 version.

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Guest luca020400

When we will finish the build :P


Now i succesfully ported nameless to u8915

But we have to build ;)

Edited by luca020400
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