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[ROM][ALL][KK] Nameless Rom [18/10/14]

Guest chil360

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Guest lucap00

After try aospa, nameless and mahdi, i think:

Aospa is the best ROM for y300, best, fluidity, battery life, minimal style. My favourite!

Mahdi and nameless are very similar, mahdi is smoother but nameless has got more features. I like both but nameless is a bit superior.

However aospa for me is the best

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Guest LotR656

No, not that. When i am in ceratain app and i press home and enter to another, then i enter in recently and select last app and phone starts to load it again. In slimkat, there is no problem like that.

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I will continue the development of this rom ;)

Okay and you will stop after you port new rom next week?

Idk why you wanna to develop all roms for this phone , why dont stick to one and make it better ?


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Guest luca020400
I will continue to work on these rom until christmas ( probably )
Can see somethink like donate in my signature ?? 
No , I work because I love android and is my passion
Everybody can build mine rom as I host mine work on github
My work is totally free
Thanks to me we have 3/4 roms , a usefull script collection and probably I helped a lot of people
So this because I'm here
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Guest DeSTRxL

You have to download it

Impostazioni > Linqua ed imissione > Tastiera > Dizionari

Thanks Luca i have fix with download file dictionary, now the ROM is perfect
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