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G510(FusionX 1.0) wifi dead after prolonged hotspot usage?

Guest TehJumpingJawa

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I've been running the FusionX Y300-0100 rom (Verson 1.0, Tillaz) on my G510 for many months, and it's been pretty flawless.


A week ago, my house broadband was out for a few days, so I resorted to using my mobile as a wifi access point for the house.

The phone was operating in hotspot mode pretty much non-stop over this period; a few times it ran out of battery, the rest of the time it was running on mains power.


Anyhow, onto my current problem; the wifi now appears to be dead!

- Wifi icon never appears on the status bar;

- Wifi settings page remains stuck "Turning on Wi-Fi..."


I've obviously tried a reboot, and have tried a basic reset from the recovery menu. Nada.


Any suggestions? or is the wifi simply fried?

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If you backup and try another ROM and it's the same then it might of been damaged.


FusionX actually has a few bugs. Here's a few of them.


- The carrier text is missing from the notification screen when you don't have a data connection

- The data indicators get stuck if you disable data while they're displayed

- The APN menu isn't correctly aligned and highlights things in orange

- Call vibration doesn't disable and enable correctly

- If you use the FM Radio and max out your RAM usage in a browser then you'll hear a very loud noise that won't stop until you reload the radio

- Some carriers go into roaming mode when they shouldn't

- Contact shortcuts are probably black

- Events such as birthdays can't be entered in the contacts app without it force closing

- When in airplane mode the lockscreen will continue to display the carriers name

- Some languages cause the status bars clear button to get pushed off of the screen

- Mass storage is missing as a mount option so if you change it you can't set it back without rebooting

- Selecting to set up a SIM card lock will cause a force close

- The SystemUI will close and restart when RAM is low

- Calls can get cut off if RAM is low


There's more too, but these are the ones I've documented because they're fixed in my own ROM.

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