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[ROM] [ALL] [KK] CarbonRom [4.4.4]

Guest luca020400

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Guest luca020400

This is an unofficial build of CarbonRom 4.4.4 for Y300 and G330


Scrennshots :




Download : Basketbuild


Gapps : PA-GApps


Bugs : no one


Github : Source Code


Credits :






I'll kill CarbonDev ( To Y300-0100 Hahahah )

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Guest Dark Revenger

Nice! I found CarbonRom 4.4.2 to be the smoothest and most reliable ROM out there, have been using it for several months (since yesterday, when I installed your AOSPA).


You are now putting me in a bad situation. I think I will wait for a couple of days.


Keep rocking man!

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Guest luca020400

If someone can help me to translate carbon settings to italian 



I pratically done the 75%

Thanks to everybody


Maybe this can help https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_packages_apps_Settings/blob/cm-11.0/res/values-it/cm_strings.xml

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