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I've been changing ROMs frequently these past months since I got my phone from my uncle. It was lined to SUN Cellular so I know it should be SIM locked, but I tried my TM SIM card anyways (curiosity leads to success.XD). It worked perfectly even after rooting my phone and flashing my first ROM (Which is CM 10.1). But after a month my SIM card got expired (Haven't loaded it since I don't have many textmates.XD), so I always turn on Airplane mode. Now after changing ROMs one after another, I put my dad's SIM on my phone which is a GLOBE SIM. I turned off Airplane mode, and boom. I got a popup which says "SIM Network unlock". I didn't know how it got SIM locked since I don't tweak anything besides build.prop and performance settings. Also, is it possible to unlock it again without those paid- sh*t codes?

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