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Guest Arpag

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Hi, right now i have a cyanogenMod 4.4.4, it runs good but has litle free ram and many times it freezes and reboots on its own. 

The most important thing to me is being fast and next is battery life. Witch one would you guys recommend? 


Im thinking about 


[ROM][4.1.1][b209] AOSP MOD 


[ROM][4.4.4][ALL] SlimKat 8.20 UNOFFICIAL


I prefer it it is 4.4.4 but it's not very important


Thank you guys!

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Guest killadroid

slimkat will drain ur battery fast.if u want kk ROM I suggest AOSPA has good battery and is fast.if u want jb then go with aosp mod or cm10.1 by fonz93.I suggest jb ROMs coz kk has some bugs

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