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The difference between Slimkat and Kitkat from filesize?

Guest seluce

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Heyo guys,

i downloaded the Slimkat and the Kitkat as .zip. As we know Slimkat is a modified Slimakt with optimized features and much lesser filesize.


Normal rom:

Slimkat: 143MB

Kitkat: 209 MB


Without zip:

Slimkat: 241MB
Kitkat: 339 MB


Addons / Gapps

Slimkat mini: 65MB

Kitkat nano: 110MB

-> How ist that possible? (Nano has much less functions but takes a lot more)


So i guess Slimkat has the same functions like Kitkat and all the stuffs. So why is Slimkat so much less from the filesize than Kitkat? Y300 hasn't so much storage - so it's better to take Slimkat for more free storage?

Know someone the big difference betweeen the filesizes?


More free Storage -> less services on the device -> more free RAM? :D

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