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2 questions re Kinguser rooting and slimkat

Guest mrspatch

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Hi guys,


I have a y300 that i rooted a year ago - twrp - cyanogenmod 10.1.


It's getting a bit slow - wondered if I ought to try slimkat? in which case do i just install a new rom or do i have to wipe myphone?


Second question - my daughter has a y300 too which is unrooted - she is now complaining abt lack of space.  Seen that there is a rooting instruction for kinguserhttp://androidxda.com/root-huawei-ascend-y300-0100 . . . . do i not need to contact huawei first for the unlocking code with this and also is it simple to add a custom rom with kinguser.


Really havent a clue what i am doing - i just followed instructions for my phone a long time ago and dont want to brick daughter's phone!!!!!!



Thanks for anyhelp :-)


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If you are installing a different android version you must do a full wipe including data (applications).


It wouldn't kill you to look a little for it... :)

Thank you for answering the first part re my phone - as for the second, I have googled kinguser but couldnt see anything about if you needed to unlock the y300 first.  Things change so fast, I wasnt sure if you still needed to unlock it - it wasnt a case of asking how to unlock it (but thanks for the link - it'll save me waiting for huawei to email me back!!!!)  :)

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