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Have i bricked my Y300? Bootloader locked and no recovery installed!

Guest chevychase

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Guest chevychase

Evening all, i'm usually pretty ok when it comes to roms and phones but this latest issue is causing me a headache!


I was intending to return my phone to stock so i downloaded the B209 update from Huawei. It wouldn't complete the flash nor did any other stock update.app, so i read somewhere on hear that if the imei hack is used the phone can be forced to accept any update.


So after backing up my imei and applying the hack i again tried to apply the B209 update.app, it progressed about a third and hung up, no probs i thought.


So anyway on a hard reboot by removing battery my phone is stuck at Huawei logo, i cant access the recovery (i had twrp installed) 


I can access the phone by adb and have established that the phone has no recovery img installed and the bootloader is locked again. 

This is what is preventing me from flashing any recovery via fastboot i presume.


Is there anyway to forceably remove the bootloader lock? because i dont know how to get the details Huawei requires on there web form.


When i fire up DC unlocker  it connects with the phone and shows a value for the phones imei but it isnt the same as is printed behind the battery i assume this is because of the imei hack. DC unlocker shows no bootloader code either but does state the phone is sim unlocked which it is.



So i throw this problem over to the experts who know far more than me.

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Guest Coreyz0rZ

My guess would be you need your original IMEI for it to match up with something else granting you an unlockable bootloader... Try revert and come back to DC. (Legal IMEI ;))

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Guest Arbab Irfan

Try Flash huawei stock rom....... Zip can be downloaded from huawei web.. and


extract......zip you will see three folder 1.trasfer, 2.dload, 3.vendor, having "update app" within


create folder "dload" in sd card......


Place extracted "update app" from transfer folder.... put sdcard in phone...


make sure battery is fully charged.. then press "vol+" and "Vol-" then press "start button" all three togather.


phone will start force frimware update... will take few seconds to update as "update app" from transfer folder is little approx 6 to 8 KB 


after update.... place extracted update app from 2nd folder dload..... and place it i sdcard's dload folder you have created.... over write prvious update app as it is already falsed....  


now reapate force frimware update....press "vol+" and "Vol-" then press "start button" all three togather


now phone will take time. as this update app is big.... more then 1gb


after update repeat all this with update app from 3rd folder... vendor..... this will take few sec...



make sure you have downloaded latest firmware and related to your phone model.... 


it will remove every thing.. even your installed recovery... but phone remain unlocked if it is unlocked.. or will remain locked if you haven't unlocked it yet...



sorry for bad English.......

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