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y300 Huawei backup app files.. restoring to new rom?

Guest greenalien

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Im wanting to know if its possible to restore the backup files (sms, call log, apps, games etc) I made with the huawei backup app when the phone was stock now im using AOSP MOD rom?

In the HuaweiBackup/backupFiles folder there is a file: AllBackupV6.2.59.apk , Ive tried to install that without success. In the HuaweiBackup/backupFiles1 folder there are all the .apk .db files with my apps names etc. but what to do with them? Ive not messed around with .apk's before so im a bit lost.

Hoping I wont have to re-download all my stuff from the play store, thanks in advance for any help.

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