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USB OTG Help Please [ROOT] Y300

Guest Crash-Man

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Guest Crash-Man

i am having trouble getting usb otg to work on my device. I have the following cable and


- CM 10.1 

- CeXesel v.62


both flashed on my phone. I plug the USB male into a powerpoint (for external power) a USB flash drive into the otg socket and the micro into my phone but it still wont recognise (though it does charge my phone.


Also i ran USB Host Diagnostics and everything BUT the rooted api passed ( that is except for device connected) even though i granted it SU 


I can verify my cable is working. can someone please tell me if i am doing something wrong or guide me through it, a link to something simiilar or a explanation, cos i dont understand what i am doing wrong.


Thanks! :)


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