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Wifi and Bluetooth issues(G510)

Guest lohtse

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Hi Folks


Hope everyones well...



Just got hold of  a G510 and unlocked the bootloader, rooted and then flashed Fonz93's JB 4.2.2,   But seem to be having issues with both bluetooth and wifi..


Bluetooth will connect to a device then after a minute or too it disconnects(mainly my smartwatch) and will see and connect to a sellfie remote but nothing happens when clicking the button.. Both devices mentioned work perfectly with my HTC One V and Desire S  and also my partners S2 I9100 so it's an issue with the G510...



As too Wifi well this will not connect to home router as always says obtaining IP or authenticating!!! Connects fine to Desire S when used as a hotspot just not home router!


Also the cell signal is not as good as it may be could be



Any Ideas would be great.

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