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Camera lib hacking

Guest zltnngy

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Guest zltnngy

When I got my Coolpad I was a bit disappointed that almost all indoor videos recorded with the device were stuttering badly, really only Clearmotion made them tolerable. I decided to go deep inside the mtk camera internals and found some parameters which are responsible for exposure and iso settings, and from then on it was easy to tune video recording fps.


My method is specific to a certain version of libcameracustom.so at the moment, so if you don't have it, you either have to wait for me to make my app compatible, or install an other set of camera drivers, or switch to another rom.



So here you go. Root is needed of course.

1. Make sure the size of /system/lib/libcameracustom.so is exactly 5440996 or 4162924 bytes long. If not, you can try to flash a compatible driver set from




Warning! These zips were never tested, so make a backup before flashing!!!


2. Make sure you have busybox installed with symlinks. You can find a few busybox installers on Play Store, so I wouldn't write more on this.

3. Install my app with which you can set some camera parameters on the fly or patch libcameracustom to make settings permanent.



A note: higher video fps in low light involves lower shutter time and higher ISO so picture quality is obviously is bit worse, It's a trade-off, nothing can be done about it, it is limited by the capabilities of the lens and the sensor.

Note2: I only cared about back camera,I never use front camera:)

Note3: minimum video fps cannot be set in some apps like lgCamera, OpenCamera because they don't switch to video recording mode properly. Working apps: stock Coolpad, EMUI3, Infocus cam, Better camera






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