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Y300 reboots endlessly

Guest zwastik

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Guest zwastik

My Y300 reboots every time after boot ends, I am able to interact a few seconds with the phone but after a while it reboots automatically. This phone had suffered a fall that destroyed the lcd, so I kept it out of use for many month, just yesterday I bought a new lcd for replacement. It works ok but now I have this problem. Also worth noting is the fact that the power button does not power up the device so I have to plug the usb cord to power it up, this action powers up the device automatically. A consequence of this is the phone not being able to boot to TWRP but it does boot to the pink/purple screen if I hold the vol up+vol down+power button and then plugging the usb into the phone. IIRC I should be able to interact with the device through the adb utility when the screen goes purple, however adb was not able to identify the device when typing

adb devices
, it returns nothing. It does returns 
D46E5C273EDD    offline
 after a normal boot.


Any input will be appreciated.



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