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MCR - MoDaCo.one for the HTC One S (Sense + Vanilla) new: WiFi Calling support

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I just bought a T-mobile (USA) One S and imported to Australia. Managed to sim unlock and flash new bootloader. Then I flashed Ir3 Sense and all seems great!

Just having a problem getting the network data speeds I was expecting. I've tried all of the network providers and only Telstra gives me decent 3G data speeds. I've checked the other network providers frequencies, and the ONE S should be able to work on all the frequencies over here.

On the box for the One S, it lists the supported frequencies as GSM:850/900/1800/1900 UMTS: band I (2100) band II (1900) Band IV (1700/2100/AWS) Band V (850).

With Optus and Vodafone I get 2g shown in the notification bar. Telstra shows 4G and a quick test gave me 16Mbit download speed.

Is it likely that I need to flash a new baseband that will help with this problem? If so, how do I know which one to flash. I've done all sorts of rom flashing, but don't think I've done a baseband....not sure really!


current baseband 0.16.31501S.16_2_10.22.31501S.10L

Anyone advise?

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I just installed the Sense option w/o Wifi calling on my HTC One S (S4 T-Mobile UK). It all seems to be working okay but I have the 4G icon (don't really care about that) - more importantly, I have no wifi. MAC address shows as unavailable and Wifi option shows "Error". Should I have installed the Wifi calling ROM even though I'm not equipped to use it?

Update: Installed the Wifi calling ROM and have the same issue - Bluetooth still works but no Wifi radio. Previously was running stock with a fresh Superboot/root, this is the first ROM installation on this handset using ROM Manager. All data and caches cleared prior to installing - after root Wifi was working without a problem. Used this ROM as I wanted to try out Google Now, otherwise would have reverted back to stock.

Resolved: For the benefit of anyone else with the same issue, I followed the instructions here which worked perfectly.


No WiFi with MCR3.

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hi paul!!! can you make a version without the remapping of the 3 softkeys and without in particular the multitasking remap??? thank you.. I wold like a version mostly stock as possible

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