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MCR - MoDaCo.one for the HTC One S (Sense + Vanilla) new: WiFi Calling support

Guest PaulOBrien

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I just bought a T-mobile (USA) One S and imported to Australia. Managed to sim unlock and flash new bootloader. Then I flashed Ir3 Sense and all seems great!

Just having a problem getting the network data speeds I was expecting. I've tried all of the network providers and only Telstra gives me decent 3G data speeds. I've checked the other network providers frequencies, and the ONE S should be able to work on all the frequencies over here.

On the box for the One S, it lists the supported frequencies as GSM:850/900/1800/1900 UMTS: band I (2100) band II (1900) Band IV (1700/2100/AWS) Band V (850).

With Optus and Vodafone I get 2g shown in the notification bar. Telstra shows 4G and a quick test gave me 16Mbit download speed.

Is it likely that I need to flash a new baseband that will help with this problem? If so, how do I know which one to flash. I've done all sorts of rom flashing, but don't think I've done a baseband....not sure really!


current baseband 0.16.31501S.16_2_10.22.31501S.10L

Anyone advise?

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I just installed the Sense option w/o Wifi calling on my HTC One S (S4 T-Mobile UK). It all seems to be working okay but I have the 4G icon (don't really care about that) - more importantly, I have no wifi. MAC address shows as unavailable and Wifi option shows "Error". Should I have installed the Wifi calling ROM even though I'm not equipped to use it?

Update: Installed the Wifi calling ROM and have the same issue - Bluetooth still works but no Wifi radio. Previously was running stock with a fresh Superboot/root, this is the first ROM installation on this handset using ROM Manager. All data and caches cleared prior to installing - after root Wifi was working without a problem. Used this ROM as I wanted to try out Google Now, otherwise would have reverted back to stock.

Resolved: For the benefit of anyone else with the same issue, I followed the instructions here which worked perfectly.


No WiFi with MCR3.

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Guest Nathan Villaescusa

Hi Paul, kmow you must be busy .. do you have plans to update this to the 2.xx build that is being offered OTA?

Since Jelly Bean is coming to the HTC One S this month we should probably just wait till then.

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Guest DiloSkoRpiOn

hi paul!!! can you make a version without the remapping of the 3 softkeys and without in particular the multitasking remap??? thank you.. I wold like a version mostly stock as possible

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