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Hi guys

As everyone knows, the list of ROMs, Kernels and Recoveries for the G300 is rapidly growing. However due to the nature of forums it can often be quite hard to find the relevant topics for these things. Therefore I have created this topic to make it easier for everyone to find them as I have not yet seen a topic that does this.

I have spent a long time trawling thought the many pages of this forum to find each of the topics that could be useful to a person with a G300 to create this comprehensive guide. However I still might have missed some so if you notice this, please let me know This List will regularly updated with any new useful things that are posted.

So without further ado, lets get started.

[ROMs] - I have added a poll to help people new to android ROMs to make a decision on which to use as it can be hard to decide out of the huge number out there.

GingerBread (GB) ROMs

CyanogenMod 7 - Credit: Riverlions

AtomicMod [b888] - Credit: tillaz

MoDaCo Custom ROM Gr2 [b888] - Credit: PaulOBrien

MoKeeOS [based on CM7] - Credit: narkoman88

MIUI [CM7] - Credit: dakok

Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) ROMs

CyanogenMod 9.1 [base 4.0.4] - Credit: Dazzozo

Stock+ ROM [b960] - Credit: Cyda

INFUSION Final B06/B07 [b952] - Credit: tillaz

ϟTesla ROM [b960] - Credit: kyan31

Slim Rom [b952] - Credit jsevi83

JELLY★CREAM★SANDWICH [b952] - Credit: krishang3

MeijaROM [b952] - Credit: thejaimes111

Lightning ROM [b952] - Credit: kyan31

THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 Rom [b926] - Credit: Found by wrtease

Sony Xperia ST26i Style Rom [base unknown] - Credit: Nandosl59

Paranoid Android B2 [CM9] - Credit: josalaito

Miui v4 2.7.4 [base: 4.0]- Credit: Geno.Kolar

Favaroooo B5 [b944] - Credit: fraska

LiGux v4 [based on CM9 (4.0.4)]- Credit: qiwu huang

ShenDu OS [based on CM9(4.0.4)] - Credit: airk000

Geno ROM [b940] - Credit: Geno.Kolar

IKB ROM [b940] - Credit: dt_matthews

Baidu Rom 12 [base Unknown] (topic no longer being updated) - Credit: Found by Nandosl59 -------- Link to latest Version here

Baidu Dietetic [base Unknown] - Credit: dakok

Baidu Yi (English Repack) [base Unknown] - Credit: pOcHa

JellyBean (JB) ROMs

CyanogenMod 10.0 (CM10) [base 4.1.2] - Credit: Dazzozo

CyanogenMod 10.1 (CM 10.1) [base: 4.2.1] - Credit: Dazzozo

Electra ROM [based on CM10] - Credit: kyan31

Android Open Kang Project (AOKP JB) [4.2.2] - Credit: telonius

Android Open Kang Project (AOKP JB) [4.1.2] - Credit: raverrr

PAC-man ROM [based on CM10.1] - Credit: jordilopez94 (and Kra1o5)

PAC-man ROM [based on CM10] - Credit: razzmataz1478 (One above is recommended - this one seems to no longer be supported)

Slim Bean ROM [based on CM10.1] - Credit: telonius

MIUI v5 [based on ShenDu JB (CM10)] - Credit: narkoman88

MIUI v5 Geno (Not sure what based on. If you know please pm me) - Credit: dakok

★ AOKP Emotion ★ [based on CM10] - Credit: krishang3

LiQu ROM [CM10.1] - Credit: Rydlis

MariDroi ROM [based on ShenDu JB (CM10)] - Credit marcars

ShenDu OS Jellybean [based on CM10] - Credit: airk000

RootBox ROM [CM10.1] - Credit: narkoman88

AvatarRom[CM10.1] - Credit: narkoman88

Firefox OS ROM

Firefox OS (B2G: Boot to Gecko) - Credit: Dazzozo

Ubuntu Touch ROM

Ubuntu Touch - Credit: Dazzozo

Also Please Check out Dakok's ROM topic here: Chinese Cuisine - ROMs from far far away


308 Kernel for official ICS roms - Credit PaulMilbank

CM9 Kernel For Stock ICS Roms - Credit: PaulMilbank

GenoKolar - Credit: Geno.Kolar and Cyda

Omegamoon - Credit: omegamoon

Ouch Kernel ICS - Credit: Kra1o5


List of ClockworkMod Recoveries- Credit: kra1o5

Clockworkmod v4.0.1.5 - Credit Sebastian404 (From here)

Clockworkmod v5.0.2.8 with charging fix - Credit: kra1o5 (From here)

ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.2.7 - Credit: Dazzozo & Fagulhas (This version of CWM v6 fixes many long standing bugs that v6 is known to have had and is highly recommended to use)


TeamWin Recovery Project v2.6.6.0 - Credit: alkalinorap and Kra1o5

TeamWin Recovery Project v2.2.2.0 - Credit: Sebastian404 (From here)

[TUTORIALs] - Most of these are no longer pinned for some reason. However they are all VERY helpful (and I think should still be pinned

Help I'm New And I Can't Do... - Credit: Frankish

Upgrade and Downgrade the G300 between GB, ICS and JB with downloads - Credit: timethrow

Explained Like You're 5: Install custom ROMs from scratch, Install the official ICS update, Root & more - Credit: beggin

How to install and root ICS 4.0.3 - Credit: Cyda

How to free SIM UNLOCK your G300 - Credit: margityu (helpful for people who don't want to pay to unlock their phones)

How to Install ADB and Logcat For G300 - Credit: krishang3

Basic Theming Guide - Credit: tillaz


How to root your Huawei Ascend G300 - Credit: PaulOBrien

Dazzozo's scripts used to root - Credit Dazzozo

Official Method to Unlock Bootloader

[Tutorial] How to [OFFICIALLY] Unlock The Bootloader [With Definitions] [RELOCK Guide Included!]

Unofficial Method to Unlock Bootloader - This works but causes 3G dropouts and random reboots on your phone. To prevent this happening use the official method described above.

GenoKolar's unlockbootloader.exe - Credit Geno.Kolar

[MODs] - or interesting things you can do

CM9 Battery Mods - Credit: Cyda

CM10 Battery Mods - Credit: Redflake

Google Logo on Splash Screen - Credit: fraska

Change your splash screen - Credit: Sebastian404

Changing splash1 logo on G300 - Credit: Geno.Kolar

SONY BRAVIA ENGINE 2 (All Roms)- Credit: tillaz

Trebuchet 1.0 from CM10.1 modded for CM10 - Credit: tillaz

CM Style Power Toggles for ICS - Credit: tillaz

FIX THE CALLER ID LAG - Credit: tillaz

Link2Int - Credit: Cyda

Extended Power Menu On Stock- Credit: tillaz

Beats Audio - Credit: krishang3

PDroid in CyanogenMod 9 - Credit: unaszplodrmann

Stock ICS Battery Mods - Credit: jikobutsu

Stock ICS Spellcheck Fix - Credit: davepwsmith

ACID Audio Engine V4.0 - Credit: Found by carrthee89


V6 SUPERCHARGER - Credit: zeppelinrox (Amazing script that works on all devices)

Darktremor Apps2SD Script - Credit: tkirton


CoolBlue CM / AOKP Theme - Credit: tillaz

New HoloLight CM / AOKP / PA Theme - Credit: tillaz


Huawei Original Applications - Credit: Mario_Cardoso

RIL ARCHIVE - Credit: tillaz

List Of Official And Unofficial Roms - Credit: frazer19 - All of the links work apart from B885, B891, B892 and B936 (which is below anyway)

Another List of Official Roms - Credit: thejaimes111


B888 - Credit: KasioPC

B892 - Credit: Me :)


B927- Credit: rsrocha

B934 repack - Credit: tillaz

B936 Vodafone OTA Release Repack - Credit: Dazzozo

B937 Voda-CZ Release repack - Credit: mack_

B940 OTA release Repack - Credit: Dazzozo

B944 Yoigo release repack - Credit: Cyda

B948 Singapore-BP release Repack - Credit: Cyda

B951 Telecable spain release Repack - Credit: Cyda

B952 Vodafone Release Repack - Credit: Cyda

B952 Worldwide Release Repack - Credit: Cyda

And that's it!!!

(This will be regularly updated)

I would also like to give my personal thanks to:

Dazzozo for this amazing work on CM9/10

Edited by arranhs
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TWRP and CWM - Sebastian404

LiGux and ShenDu are based on CM, versions 4.0.4 and 4.1.2 depending on which build we're talking about. ShenDu is authored by airk000.

That's the stuff I can fix.

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Clockwork mod is by kra1o5. Geno rom should be credited to just Geno, I just posted it here.

Edited by Cyda

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Does anyone have stock Gingerbread ROMs still? I think they've removed from the UK Huawei website, or at least I couldn't find them last time I was there.

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Looking at all the gingerbread rom links at http://www.modaco.co...nofficial-roms/ (i.e. B882 - B895) All the links bar the B885, B891 and B892 ones work.

This link may also help: http://www.modaco.co...ad-link-inside/ - B888

Also here: http://www.mediafire.com/?371vs2tethhb92e is B892 uploaded by me - this has now been added to the list

Edited by arranhs

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21/11 - Paranoid android added to rom list

30/11 - CM9 battery mods added

1/12 - B952 repack added

2/12 - Updated infusion base, added CM9 PDroid support under mods

Edited by arranhs

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