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(ROM) (5.0.2) CyanogenMod 12 (12.06.2016)


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                                                        CYANOGENMOD 12

                                                          BY FLRIZDARKK


                                                                                                                 FOR G510 AND Y300


Why CyanogenMod 12 (5.0.2 ) when is developed CM13?

Since our devices is slow on newer versions of Android , I tested all versions of Android (from 5.0 to 6.0.1) and found out that 5.0.2 has the best Lollipop performance!



2016_06_12_15.38.43.png     2016_06_12_15.38.08.png    2016_06_12_15.37.25.png 2016_06_12_15.36.25.png2016_06_12_15.36.36.png



No Blackscreen Bug

Good Battery Life

All CM features

Good Performance

Working Onwer panel

Good Gaming Performance


What works !:



Camera (only pictures for now)

Working Onwer Panel


Video (Software Decoding)


2G,3G Data



Not working !:

Video (Hardware Decoding)




ROM (BETA 1) :  http://adf.ly/1b7Bdj

GAPPS : http://adf.ly/1VK8qP                                    (Any GAPPS will work - Select ARM>5.0>Pico - Pico installs Google Play Store and Frameworks)

Note! : If using OpenGAPPS delete Optional folder from the gapps zip ! (Fixes Android Keyboard Crash !)


Donate ! :

Please donate via PayPal to support my work at : [email protected] 

Any donation is appreciated!

Thank you !


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Guest Nemesix2

Nice to see CyanogenMod 12 here once more.

I hope it's more refined than previous builds by other people which were just slow.

By the way, @FLRIZDARKK, would you be able to post a list specifying which games run smoothly, as you previously did with your F-AOSP rom? It would be appreciated.

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Guest Mr Voland


Viber calls doesn't work.

If someone answer to my call it shows to him something like connection lost, and if I answer to someones call to him it keep showing 'ringing' like I didn't answer but to me it show like everything is ok...

In both cases we couldn't hear each other.

Btw normal calls works fine.

I think there is something wrong with installing apps because they use much more storage than usual, I couldn't install all apps that I used to.

Had a blackscreen while browsing internet, waiting for next version..

First boot took 20 minutes, see if u can reduce..

Edited by Mr Voland
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Guest xeratdragons
This is a beautiful and rom will give kudos I hope that in the future
try to sort it out the hardware encore because I can not see live on youtube
Edited by xeratdragons
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Guest Nemesix2

Well, I have tried the ROM and I have to say that for the very first beta release, it's good.

But it didn't feel as smooth for me.

Video recording doesn't work (although seems like you already know that), overall performance isn't as smooth as other roms, the capacitive buttons have a long delay between pressing it and actually triggering a task, boot time is pretty long, and games like Geometry Dash, which should use less resources than for example SpeedX3D, are just laggy.

Still, knowing that this is beta 1, you are aiming in the right direction.

Edited by Nemesix2
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Guest D3mon3

AOSP still crash, Music apk not work (crash after open)

Edit: After 4 hours, Launcher crash 9 times :(

I only install: chrome, facebook lite, pulsar music player and weater apk (Free RAM ~~200MB)

Free RAM ~250MB (after flash rom)

Battery Life is better than in ROM 5.1.1

No blackscreen after 4h

@FLRIZDARKK that ROM will be abandoned like a 5.1.1 OR not ?

Edited by D3mon3
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