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Coolpad F1 8297w - Review / Info / Software / Custom Roms

Guest dakok

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Guest dakok

This topic is a sequel to original Coolpad F1 MoDaCo theme started by Bryfly,
with most of the stuff you can ever need for your phone

Coolpad F1 8297w Review

  • Model: Coolpad F1 ili 8297W (F1 WCDMA)
  • Market: April 2014
  • CPU: Octa Core MTK6592 @ 1.7GHz
  • GPU: Mali450-MP4
  • Memory: 2GB RAM + 8GB ROM + external (SD card) up to 32GB
  • Screen: 5" IPS 1280 x 720 pixel + Gorilla Glass
  • Camera: back 13MP AF, Sony IMX135 CMOS sensor, blenda f/2.0; front 5MP
  • Network: GSM + WCDMA 900/2100MHz
  • SIM: Dual SIM (micro + micro)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Sencors: Acceleration, proximity, light
  • Battery: 2500 mAh, replacable
  • OS: CoolLife UI 5.5 (Android 4.2)
  • Dimensions: 141mm x 71.5mm x 9.3mm
  • Color: pearl white or silver back
  • Price: 177 USD + TAX (if you're unlucky)


Coolpad (Yulong, Cool), Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi and ZTE are the major China phone manufacturers
and Coolpad is at 8th position in the world at present, next to Sony and Xiaomi.
Coolpad had several hundred phone models during last few years.
This model - Coolpad F1 WCDMA ili 8297w was bought at Aliexpress, the biggest China online store
with interface in English, for the price of 190 USD. Now it can be bought for a little less then that.
It is one of the most popular mobile devices in China during last few months according to sale statistics
from biggest China online stores and user scores at China mobile portals


It arrived in 26 days, in a little brown "eco" box with charger, cable and manual in chinese.
I made a short unboxing video as a proof if something was wrong:


Desing and Quality

Quality plastics, classical design. Phone is 9.3mm fat but it looks slimmer due to
narrow edges. Back cover has well made plastic buttons inside. It is not easy to take it off.
Camera objective is in level with back surface and this results in blocking of speaker hole
which makes ringing weaker than it should be.
Coolpad is 1mm wider and 1mm higher than its competition in 5" MTK Octa Core class,
for example Zopo or THL, but it is 2-3mm shorter.

Coolpad_F1_a1.jpg Coolpad_F1_b.jpg Coolpad_F1_c.jpg

Coolpad_F1_d.jpg Coolpad_F1_e.jpg Coolpad_F12.jpg

Blue sticker shows the network licence number.


Shining screen with great contrast and color reproduction. Viewing angles are good too.
It has Gorilla Glass and oleophobic coating. Touchscreen is fine.


Now we go to the first serious remark - backlight is uneaven, It looks like so called
clouding in TV screens or monitors. It is noticable in white background, especially while
scrolling some text or something.
It bothers me a little, but when I showed this to others the reaction was that I am imagining things.
I didn't see any comments on internet, so it should be not so bad. Capacitive buttons are precise and
responsive. You can adjust light duration in phone settings.

Camera and speakers

Camera is pretty good and the credit goes to Sony's 13MP IMX135 CMOS sensor. To be true
I expected better night photos, considering f/2.0 aperture.
Photo samples are below. They are only cropped, rotated and resized. Is you want, I can post
original or two.
LED flashlight is much stronger than in average China phone.

Coolpad_F1_foto_photo.jpg Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_1.jpg Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_2.jpg

Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_3.jpg Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_4.jpg Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_5.jpg

Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_6.jpg Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_7.jpg Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_8.jpg

Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_9.jpg Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_10.jpg Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_11.jpg

Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_12.jpg Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_13.jpg Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_14.jpg

Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_15.jpg Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_16.jpg Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_17.jpg

Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_18.jpg Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_19.jpg Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_20.jpg

Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_21.jpg Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_22.jpg Coolpad_F1_foto_photo_23.jpg

Original images

A short video sample:


Here's a night photo, shot at very low street light:


Loudspeakers are good enough. Sound is very good and credits go to ES9018
DAC audio chip that can be found in higher class phones such as Vivo XPlay 3S, Vivo X3,
Alcatel (TCL) Idol X+.Microphone or the softver that drives it is not so good. I have tested several
apps for audio recording and that was very quiet and dissapointing.
If you want to use Coolpad as dictaphone, you're out of luck there.

EDIT (13.09.2014. - tested on Kitkat rom from Himax phone and recordings are: PERFECT!)


Results from several benchmark tools:


  • Antutu: 27078
  • Passmark: 3088
  • Quadrant Standard: 14305
  • Vellamo HTML5: 1417
  • Vellamo Metal: 704
  • 3D Mark – Ice Storm Unlimited: 6175

GPS, 2G/3G, WiFi and sensors

GPS works as it should. It took 3 seconds to lock the position at first try, out of the box. Without network,
just the bare GPS. No EPO, fixes or anything else.I am impressed :) Mobile GSM network's fine, phone supports
"rural" frequency of 900MHz in 3G band. Data network is fine, voice comunication without a glitch.

WiFi is slightly better than that of ZTE v987 which was very good


F1 has standard phone sensors, without gyroscope and compass but i don't care for those.
Gyroscope absence doesn't influence picture rotation, just for the record.


It's a kind of expected that the phone that sells in million units attracts the attention of
China developers. There are so many roms to chose from. You name it: AOSP, Miui (multilanguage),
Lewa, Baidu, Color OS, Funtouch OS, many factory rom releases.
Are they any good?
Sure they are :). I tried six or seven releases and could easily keep three of them.
CoolLife OS 5.5 is Coolpad's own OS based on android 4.2. My phone came with Coollife
variant cleaned from junk apps, rooted, with multilanguage UI and google services and apps.
You can see screenshots in the picture gallery below:

Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_00.jpg Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_1.jpg Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_3.jpg Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_5.jpg

Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_6.jpg Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_7.jpg Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_8.jpg Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_9.jpg

Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_10.jpg Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_11.jpg Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_12.jpg Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_13.jpg

Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_14.jpg Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_15.jpg Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_16.jpg Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_17.jpg

Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_18.jpg Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_19.jpg Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_20.jpg Cool_Life_Coolpad_F1_Screenshot_21.jpg


Although it is 2500mAh it lasts slightly less than that of my previous 4-core phone - ZTE v987
that had the battery of the same capacity. It lasts about 36 hours with average use plus
about 4 hours of screen on time.

EDIT (22.06.2014.):
It seems that discharging characteristic is much better with WIFI switched off while not needed:

Over two days with over 5 hrs SOT. Plus about 20 short phone conversations and 30 photos.
Most of that 5 hrs was web browsing.

Is it real 2500mAh? Yes it is. It has the mass of 50g and (in the case you didn't know this)
the calculation is 1g ~ 50mAh. You may use this formula to check phone batteries.

Charging takes near 3 hours - from 10% to 100%


Coolpad F1 is a great phone. That's all...
Plus: Almost everything
Minus: Slight LCD clouding, speakerphone aperture design, bad for a dictaphone use (read the review, now it's good :))

T02C *****


Coolpad official support page

Coolpad F1 rebrands:
Himax Polymer octacore
Micromax Canvas Nitro A310

Coolpad F1 8297w forums:

Rebranded Coolpad F1 forums and sources

New custom releases:

ROM Poll at YDSS forum

Tips for a fast China Download from pan.Baidu (and others)


- Use Baidu client app in Sandboxie in Arpione way :)

- IDM downloader

- DownThemAll Firefox addon also has fast download, you don't need IDM (Zoran's find)


- This way it is pretty fast:
Install Orbit Downloader, FlashGet or IDA - (cancel adware suggestions during installation)
Open links at Baidu to start download (use Chrome browser for translation)
When download starts, go to Chrome menu -> downloads.
Find your downloading file there and right click on it and copy link address.
You can stop Chrome download now.

Open that link in Orbit Downloader or FlashGet


P.S. Some of that baidu links won't work but I managed to get files this way:

If you get link like this from Chrome downloads: so on...
just remove the first part with http and numbers from the address - this part:
and copy / paste the rest in your downloader...(tested with IDA)

Coolpad F1 dismantling video
Dismantling with photos

Screen replacement

Coolpad F1 accessories (several pages) + one more :)

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Guest dakok

If you plan to play with roms save your NVRAM in MTK Droid Tool first!!!
Basic Stuff For Beginners - Easy Peasy Setup

Download (tools and descriptions)
Ok, this is 99% of basic stuff you'll ever need.
It goes this way:
1) Drivers
You may install Coolpad driver or PDAnet driver.
For stock rom flashing, you'll need Vcom driver (look inside YGDP folder for PDAnet or Vcom)
For Windows 8.x 64bit use korekore1 guide
2) Root
Check official root solution or use vRoot Tool or read about new ways for root down in this topic
3) Custom recovery
Use CWM or take a look here for others:
Use cwm to make a backup of your system on the SD Card (external) now!
4) Gapps - Google applications (Play and so on)
Flash it through CWM or other recoveries mentioned in (3)
Here you will find various releases
For 4.2.2 roms use gapps-jb-20130812-signed.zip
5) S*** happens and if you suffer from a bricked phone, use extremely simple YGDP
Tool ( Anggriawan find ), Soda's Unbrick Guide or try with other guides listed down.
6) Factory / Stock rom
If you want one (for solving bricks or just for fun) use YGDP Tool (insanely easy tool btw)
or others mentioned in (5)
Stock roms are here or visit Coolpad site for latest release
All the tools and descriptions are in download link above

Coolpad F1 Toolkit by JanekMuric - not tested yet (15.05.2015.) - topic


1. It can auto-install ADB, Fastboot and all drivers
2. Reboot System, Recovery, Bootloader
3. Root
4. Auto install APK directly from PC
5. Install insecure ADB binaries (via adbd insecure app)
6. Backup/Restore (via ADB)
7. Automaticly flash ROM or any other ZIP directly from PC
8. Made in Croatia

It has no viruses but for some reason some AntiVirus-es detect as a virus. (If you want to I can PM the Source code to you so you can check.)
If you want to you can include it in the Easy Peasy section.





[Factory ROM] 036 as TWRP backup file (virgin installation) by Borsosg   - Take care - someone lost IMEI by trying this!

Borsosg was very kind to made a backup of his 036 rom installation and share it on his Google Drive.
All you need to do is have a TWRP recovery and put rom files 
in your SD card: \TWRP\BACKUPS\0000000000000000\Make a new directory here\
and restore it with TWRP.
(you can switch CWM/TWRP recoveries with MobileUncle Tools (free at Playstore).
The first boot will take a long time (5 minutes), so wait patiently. :)

For now, there are two problems that can happen while changing your software:
1) Upgrading to a new factory rom results in losing ROOTYou may root your phone with
   Vroot (chinese version for PC) 1.7.7 or newer (look at Easy Peasy section)
2) Using Jonzalvo roms (AOSP and others) (EDIT: this is for older Jonzalvo releases) and formating SD card from the phone menu
    results in a soft brick.
3) You bricked it. Somehow :D
If you bricked your phone you can try
Flashing factory rom over USB cable. There are three ways:
1) Use YGDP Tool (Coolpad's simple tool) - new tool, explained in Easy Peasy section 
2) Use Factory CPB rom 020 recovery pack (Pletko did that successfuly) 
3) Use Soda's guide + SP Flash Tool for factory rom v. 015 from chinese forums (BryFly and Qwazar87 did that successfuly)
Unbrick Tools:
If unsure about the procedure, don't try this!
I am not responsible if something goes wrong! 
0) Use YGDP Tool - look up in Easy Peasy section
0.5) Official CDA Flashing Guide (CPB rom format)
1) Unbrick with Coolpad Factory rom 020 in CPB format (tested)

Baidu Disk
Google Drive

note: It seems that Coolpad drivers work best with XP system


1. Download rom and drivers
2. Download Official Coolpad Download Assistant (flashing tool)

- Install first driver (you probably have it already)
- Check in windows Control Panel - Device Manager if you have: Coolpad Android Bootloader Interface
  (I think the phone has to be connected - not sure):


- If you don't have that, install the second set of drivers

??? - Start Download Assistant. It must complete calibration data check and other interface prompts to connect your
phone before you can connect the phone
3. Press both volumes (vol - & vol +) and power button together for 10 seconds until "Factory Mode" is shown.
    on the top of the phone , the lower screen displays "fastboot mode"

- Connect the USB cable with PC. Wait for connection and data exchange between PC and phone..

4. Start the Official Coolpad flashing tool, like shown in picture and select your rom. Click the button:


5. The software will start downloading rom. Patiently wait for the download to complete 100%
Don't touch anything until the phone reboots and enters the system normally
Wait for 10 minutes more. Then press the OK button on the computer and disconnect your phone.

Download process must not be powered down - that may cause a brick.

Notes from Pletko:

- My antivirus was off all the time
- For the first two or three times it just got stuck at 98%, so I disconnected the cable, turned off the
application and started it again, repeating the process until it worked. Be careful, don't disconnect or
turn off the phone while in the LOWER progress bar!

About drivers:
1st driver is 15MB
2nd driver is 8MB

1st driver: I think this is the same driver that comes on the phone partition that mounts as CD drive when phone is attached to PC
2nd driver: Upgrade drivers:

2nd set of drivers Release Notes:

Version Description:
V1.5 Add new USB VID/PID for VIA pcmodem. The further detail, please see the sheet of Combination.
V1.4 Remove un-used files: adb.exe
V1.3 Add new USB VID/PID for CDC-ACM
V1.2 Remove un-used files: usb8023x.sys, rndismpx.sys, winusbcoinstaller.dll
V1.1 Update new USB VID/PID for ICS
V1.0 Drivers:

Windows RNDIS driver for Android Tethering

1. Please update Microsoft Hotfix KB959765 for windows XP;
2. Then install RNDIS driver using tetherxp.inf.

Windows ACM COM port driver for Android

1. Please update Microsoft Hotfix KB943198 for windows XP;
2. It is better to update your windows XP to SP3;
3. Then install ACM driver using cdc-acm.inf.

Windows adb driver for Android

1. Install adb driver using android_winusb.inf.

Windows MTP driver for Android

1. install Windows media player 10 or above version
2. Install MTP driver using wpdmtp.inf."

Supported OS:
Windows XP 32 (Professional)
Windows Vista32
Windows Vista64
Windows7 32bit
Windows7 64bit

P.S. - MTK driver pack used by Pletko
2) Soda's Factory Rom 015 Flash Tutorial & Tools (tested):

Tutorial in English (Google translate)
Tools are in the tutorial folder, but there is another SP Flash Tools and Coolpad driver
in the original folder.
You can check versions and decide for yourself.
I translated the guide and downloaded linked files to the tutorial folder.
EDIT: Qwazar reported that he had success with both volume buttons pressed!
Rom, Tools and Tutorial
I didn't try it, take care! (Qwazar, Bryfly and StratosGK reported sucessful flashing)
Comment from Slime00:

it was a very strange brick (the first one it ever happened to me, and it seemed a very hard one), the phone was totally dead and ygdp and coolpad assistent were of no use (but it turned out to be useful since we discovered how to unpack cpbs). the sp flasher was the only one able to wake the device, I used soda's rom, only selected the scatter file, deselected preloader and left everything else checked, clicked download and volume + with volume - while I was plugging the cable and the rom was perfectly flashed in a couple of minutes.  :)

Comments from Bryfly:

I have managed to go from soda’s version 15 to official version 29 and rooted each one.
Installed Soda’s ver 015 and after about 30 min’s it went into auto update and downloaded ver 20, but it failed when installing. 
I put the other boot image suggested by Soda into the ROM and retried it, eventually the phone went into auto update and
succeeded with ver 20, followed by ver. 21 and finally ver. 29. The phone took about 30 mins in between updates.
I managed to root all 4 levels with Chinese Vroot PC version 1.7.7, I was expecting trouble with rooting ver 21, when I  
plugged phone into my laptop, hit root..... an SU screen came up  on the phone and I selected ok, followed by the Chinese flash
screen where I did select the left hand button and it worked.

Comment from Fora @ PCE Forum:


I did it with Soda's 015 but there is a big mistake in guide:
No chance to flash it until I pulled out the battery and put it aside during the procedure.
To make it clear:

  • Battery out
  • Connect the phone and flash the rom
  • When everything is over, I pulled out the cable and inserted battery back in phone.


Comment from a spanish forum:

... if you do it download, uncheck preloader and phone info to prevent an almost insurmountable brick
...Care to flash, leading preloader, phone.inf, etc.. do not let it go worse than this, in fact what I would do would just flash the cwm recovery with the scatter of the ROM and then copy one of the ROMS to SD and install from CWM. Greetings

I've tried has put it, but I get the message: ERROR BROM: S_BROM_CMD_JUMP_DA_FAIL (2035)....
God is risen! Tested 40 times, eventually flash-tool swallowed it by pressing the power button while I plugged the usb. Activated all options - File scatter and swallowed everything. 2nd chance.


3) Tutorial for flashing factory 4.4 rom in CPB format
4) Factory CDA ROM] 029 through Coolpad Download Assistant 1.80 by Borsosg

I installed the official 029 with Coolpad Download Assitant 1.80. Reboot the phone after the installation and then
the wireless update works.
Get Coolpad Download Assistant and the official 029 rom from here: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1jGidnE2
(or get 029 CPB file from Google Drive)

I did it! Put phone on flashmode and just pressed that green button on the Assistant. Phone is now 029!

Before you begin, make sure that the drivers are installed on your PC. The hottest method to check it:
Launch the phone in fastboot mode (turn off the phone and press Vol +, Vol- and power at the same time
for 10 seconds), connect the phone via USB cable to your pc and look at the PC Device Manager to see if your
phone is listed as Android Devices / Coolpad F1 . If you can not find it there, you'll have to install the drivers.

If you can see it there, everything is OK and you may start the Coolpad Download Assistant
after you have installed it. Disconnect the phone. Choose the rom file "4.2.029.P0.140522.8297W.CPB". 
Turn the phone to fastboot mode as explained before and connect it to PC and start the flashing method.

The flashing reaches 98% and the phone restarts. Then the flashing method continues to 100% and
you can see a big blue smiley and Coolpad Download Assistant's button will be green.

:excl: Do not press the green button yet and do not pull out the USB cable!!!  :excl:

Wait for the phone to start up fully (about 5-10 minutes).
When the system is fully restarted, then press the green button and disconnect the phone from USB.

If you've done that you will have official 029 rom on your phone. Do not update yet, set it first to English interface
and then reboot the phone. After the restart, chose the wireless update.

Thats all  ;)

P.S. - few comments from members to help you resolve doubts or problems:

I rebooted the phone and did the wireless update. It says that it is 22MB, i press download. After it gets
downloaded i press OK and phone restarts. It gets into recovery and starts installing but about at half it
says that the file it is not signed and asks me if i want to keep installing it. I choose OK but after a while it fails....
I rooted the phone, changed recovery, redownloaded update.zip and again Status 7 error.
Status 7 means that the update is not compatible with my phone..... WTF?
OK i found the problem.
As borsog says it its important to press OK on the assistant manager after the phone boots into ROM.
The first time i pressed ok when the F1 logo showed up but it was wrong. This time i pressed ok a couple of
minutes after the phone asked for my PIN number. It solved the problem.

This update is a zip file what automatically install the system from recovery. In my phone was a Chinese CWM
recovery basically what I change to TWRP. When I did this CPB flashing the recovery not changed. And when I
updated from 029 to 036 TWRP asked me: want to fix root? I choose yes, so my phone is rooted with 036 official build.
After flashing the 029 CPB with Coolpad Download Assistant TWRP is remainig on my phone.


5) Official 039 rom in CPB format and tools at Google Drive by Borsosg
    (Coolpad Download Assistant 1.85, Vroot 1.7.8, Mobile Uncle Tools apk, CWM English, and TWRP 2.4.4) 
Save your IMEI with this simple tool
If you are not smart and it is lost and you don't have a backup, you should read this Here and Here and Here
Software and Hacks:
Original Factory Roms:

Just an idea :)
Use YGDP Tool (in Various Hacks section) to have yourself stock rom with custom recovery.
With custom recovery you can flash root then (Root section -> Root Tools by Borsosg -> 4.2_Coolpad-F1-root_(wcdma).zip)
Original roms for all F1 phone versions
Coolpad F1 wcdma Original rom 015 and Flash Tool from Chigon (Google Drive)

Coolpad F1 wcdma Original Multilanguage rom 015 from ET (custom recovery flashing)
Coolpad official releases and OTA packages
Download (Coolpad forum mod, Sara aka Celebrate Girl Child - Baidu Drive Collection)
Download Lelouchxiaoa Baidu Drive
Coolpad F1 8297w factory rom collection (CPB format, for flashing through YGDP Tool, Baidu Drive)
Coolpad website - latest official release

Multilanguage Factory / Stock rom (CoolUI 015 modified by sellers)
Download and maybe this one
Coolpad F1 Driver
Download (driver can be found under other links here, too - the file size is about 15MB)


Tap on build number 7 times in about phone in phone settings to unlock developer option. Turn on USB debugging there.
Official root guide or another official way for root in this topic
Tested root tool: Vroot v1.7.7 for PC (chinese). Chose the left button when you see the screen in Chinese...
You may try new releases (like iRoot), too.
Try this, too
Official root patch for stock CoolUI 4.2 & 4.4 roms (Link2) official source (goes through stock recovery)
Download  Download
Keeps OTA upgrade!
Root Tools for Coolpad F1 - Borsosg's Collection (new)
China Root Tools Collection
China Root Tools collection (anniversary edition):

Odd Rabbit ROOT
Official website: http://www.7to.cn

ROOT Masters
Official website: http://www.mgyun.com/vroot

360 key ROOT
Official website: http://shuaji.360.cn/root/

ROOT Wizard
Official website: http://www.shuame.com/root.html

Master key ROOT
Official website:http://www.dashi.com...dashi/root.html

Baidu key ROOT
Official website: http://root.baidu.com/

Official website: http://www.kingroot.net/

ROOT assistant
Official website: http://www.rootzhushou.com/

Tencent key ROOT
Official website: http://sj.qq.com/root/

Perfect ROOT
Official website: http://www.wmshua.com/root.htm

Green beans ROOT
Official website: http://root.ishuaji.cn/

You may try to flash this file through the stock recovery, too

Custom Recoveries:
CWM & TWRP for a simple installation through MobileUncle Tool
CWM by XS (Miui developer)
Borsosg recovery collection
TWRP by prshkr07 (reported backup restore problems)
Philz Touch Recovery - Not Tested, info and recovery are from Himax Polymer phone (F1 clone) forum
TWRP by m@nish123
TD-SCDMA -> WCDMA rom conversion hack 

Explained by Nayparm:

eg. download an F1 MIUI ROM from http://en.miui.com/download-208.html There are 2 developers to choose from, both worked fine for me,
I stayed with the XS one as it had more options in Stock Settings.
Get 7zip
On your rooted F1 stock rom (mine was 015) copy the /etc/firmware directory (all files and subfolders) to your PC
Open the downloaded miui rom with 7zip, navigate to system/etc/firmware
Copy all the files you took from your stock rom /etc/firmware into system/etc/firmware in this miui zip overwriting all the files/subfolders.
There will now be 2 extra files you don't need as they are TD-SCDMA only (modem_1_tg_n.img and catcher_filter_1_tg_n.bin)
The WCDMA files we now have are (modem_1_wg_n.img and catcher_filter_1_wg_n.bin)
(Please copy the full directory and subfolders, NOT just these 2 files)
Now exit 7zip and copy the modified miui zip to your phone and flash. I used CWM I have had TWRP on my phone but not tested flashing
this ROM with it.
I would be happy to try this with the files from the new 026 firmware if anyone can send me the full /etc/firmware from it.
Hack is already packed by several developers.
Xs (MIUI developer) has a flashable hack for his MIUI releases and for JasonOS
Jonzalvo (Spanish developer) has flashable hack that can be used for 4.4 roms


Google Apps - Gapps for flashing through recovery (CWM,TWRP)
Download for 4.2.2 roms
Download for 4.4 & 4.4.2 roms (KitKat)
- if using with MIUI, flash after MIUI flashing (not at the same time)
- if using Baidu, same as above then skip google registration, pull notification from top, go to settings, connect to wifi and add new google account (in settings)

Google Services patch:

This is the way to install Google Services (Google Play, etc) without root on factory rom when you don't have root/cwm

Take your own responsibility to flash this!


1 Move the zip package into the root directory of phone memory /storage/emulated/0, note the name do not change;

3 Enter the System Setup - on the phone, click on eight consecutive "version number", enter developer mode, ie press the return key to exit on the phone to see the "Developer Options";

4 Click into the developer options down to the final surface to find "GMS package pre-installed" option, click, the system prompts "Restart phone GMS package will install", click OK to install;

5 After the installation is complete, it will automatically boot, boot into the application to view the completed package to the GMS application installed;

Google services patch:

I am pretty sure about reason for failing with that Google package:
The archive name should be exactly this:
"presetgms-Coolpad 8297.zip"  - without quotes, of course...
Another suggestion is to put the file into the SDcard root

Finallyyyyyy....    :D  Thanks to everybody
 I change name of file and put to both to internal and external cards. Try it hundred times and one of them was successful. 
One more thing, i am not sure whether it's important or not, but my successful try was when my phone was connected to my PC via USB.


Odd Rabbit (several other sites have this, too)

Google Maps (version that doesn't crash - Bryfly's find)
SuperSU (flash in recovery, usualy needed for KitKat roms)
Various Hacks
Several fixes and tips from Coolpad Forum
NVRAM backup and restore with MTK Droid Tool
External SD card default storage [4.4 roms]
External SD card R/W permissions [4.4 roms]
SD Card KitKat Fixer app (4.4 roms)
Fixing SD writes in 4.4.3 rom with GravityBox Xposed module
Replace stock recovery with CWM or TWRP in Stock CPB rom through YGDP Tool / another advice (Borsosg's find) 
Himax Polymer CPB rom to F1 phone (YGDP & Flash Tool)
Fix 1.Modem 1/1 Up Down error and another and a good one
Delete China apps from CoolUI (ATX custom release) and stop popups
Unleash the rainbow LED - 7 LED colors unlocked in 4.4 roms - Dload  :)
Fixing MAC address
WiFi Fix for removing NVRAM from available wifi networks and also for fixing any wifi disconnect issues (korekore1 find)
For users who have problem with uninstalling, freezing system apps with titanium backup or any other tool, just install SElinux mode changer and change to permissive (razorinc find)
My phone is stolen message
Google fix for xTremeVanilla AOSP rom
Viper4Android Fx - Advices (several posts)
Xiaomi Mi Band pairing - advice
Video low fps (low light) fix and camera drivers

Micromax A310 autorotation fix by Unix_Bosnia

Edited by dakok
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Guest dakok

Various Roms:
- Make a CWM (nandroid) backup before flashing)
- Use MobileUncle Tool before flashing to backup your IMEI number
Flashing Procedure and How to set Root, CWM Recovery and Google Apps
[ROMs] CoolLifeUI Lite (with Root) by ATX 

Rom is very fast, it has root and 90% of China apps are already removed
(I was pissed off when saw a lot of icons, but that were only empty ones) 
You'll have to remove them from desktop since they point to nowhere  :).
1) Prepare gapps, a keyboard (Kii is nice), some camera app and move that on your SD card. (or find it in Google Play later on)
2) Flash the rom, remove junk apps, flash gapps.

3) Uninstall remaining apps:
  • Photos (Camera and galery - doesn't work)
  • Weather Forecast (Chinese)
  • Web Browser (you may leave it) - it has blue globe icon
  • An app with the white T on the blue shield
  • Ifly - this is chinese keyboard

I used System App Remover for those above..

Enjoy  :)
Description in Chinese
Rom has excellent and fluid List View animations.
Baidu Drive with ATX Lite roms

[ROM] CoolLifeUI 029 Lite v2 by ATX Team

[ROM] CoolLifeUI 029 Lite v3 by ATX Team
[ROM] CoolLifeUI 036 Lite v4 by ATX Team
[ROM] CoolLifeUI 039 Lite by ATX Team - reported 31700 antutu points from Klapka
[ROM] CoolLifeUI 039 Rooted by ATX Team (smaller than lite :))


[ROMs] Official Baidu v6 and v5 beta releases for Coolpad F1

Baidu Drive

Baidu is a Chinese rom and it needs Gapps (google apps)
You flash the Gapps through cwm recovery in the usual way but
for some reason, gapps registration stucks.
To resolve it do like this:
  • Flash Baidu, connect to wifi and turn off the phone
  • Flash Gapps and when you are in gapps registration skip everything.
  • Pull notification from the screen top and find settings icon in the screen top. Open settings and find accounts icon and register your google account there.

That's all :)
P.S. SIM PIN code can cause reboots for some

Tested Baidu v54 release (one of my favorite roms)
Download SIM PIN code can cause reboots for some so disable it before flashing
Baidu v56 Repack EN UI + Gapps (solved problem with google sign-in)
Download SIM PIN code can cause reboots for some so disable it before flashing
Coolpad F1 custom rom classification:
1) Roms developed from original factory rom - CoolLife UI
2) Android variants:

  • AOSP⋆⋆⋆⋆ - pure Google's android OS (fast, light and slightly boring :))
  • Miui ⋆⋆⋆  (Slyder, Xs, Lailai, Crayons)
  • JasonOS⋆⋆ - a very good MIUI variant (multilang.)
  • Lewa⋆⋆
  • Baidu⋆⋆⋆
  • Ali Cloud OS / Aliyun OS / YunOS - rom sponsored by Aliexpress :D

3) Other custom roms are usually the ones transplanted from various China smartphones:

  • EmUI (Emotion UI) - Huawei smartphone
  • Color OS - Oppo smartphone
  • Funtouch OS - Vivo smartphone
  • MyUI - Green Orange smartphone
  • TouchOS - Nibiru Mars smartphone (Nibiru is K-Touch sub-brand)
  • Samsung S5 UI⋆⋆ (multilang.)
  • Nexus 5

4) AOSP 4.4 (KitKat) Roms 

Edited by dakok
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Guest qwazar87

The coolpad is live))))) Dakok thanks you very much mannnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

I used  Chinas flashtoolll - But in manual need to push up volume- was not work/

I pressed all volumes buttons and process goes/

I am not believe in succes but its work!!!!

Thanks again)))

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Guest qwazar87

I have install 015 version.

So what firmware is the best now?

I need russian language and phones sd card.

thanks again

I try 2 weeks - and it works now!!!!

I have done this)))

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Guest dakok

I am so glad for you :D


Now help others - tell us which one did you use?


  • CPB rom 020 recovery pack or
  • SP Flash Tool 015
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  • 2 weeks later...
Guest Robi4ok



Thank you for info you provide here. This  is  one of the best guides i ever seen    :)

You tried so many ROM's so which one you like and why?


Edited by Robi4ok
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Guest dakok

:) Thanks for that


At present I have 029 CoolLife UI, (it is about  395MB)


I doubt I will replace it soon :)

It has a lot of extra settings and stuff and it is very fast and fluid. 

Free RAM is constantly between 800 - 1100 MB

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Guest slime00

dakok, can you tell me with wich ROM (and software) you took your pictures? I would like to try different ones to spot differences between both apps and roms!

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Guest Robi4ok

Finally i have some free time to try once more to root my phone.


I download Coolpad Factory rom 020 in CPB format and use Official Coolpad Download Assistant 1.8 version.

Made everything according to dakok's guide and get 020 version. Get root with vroot version.

Install miui_f1_emjot_4.6.7_multi_v04 ROM. Now testing it.


Great thanks to dakok :)  It was very easy and made at once all steps without any problem :D


P.S: dakok frankly speaking i also like CoolLife UI very much but i don't like so many Chinese apps on it. Is there any official CoolLife UI 0.21, 0.26 or 029 ROM for 8297w which has a root and multilanguage?

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Guest Robi4ok

Yes i tried it it before deleting Chinese apps. It didn't work.

Onavo is not the thing i want. In data usage i could manage all apps internet connection one by one. 


By the way, in your phone is also this ROM. Does data is working?

Edited by Robi4ok
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Guest dakok


I don't use data network very often so I switch it off after use.


There is another 029 version at YDSS forum, but it has more china apps (which you may freeze or uninstall)

Edited by dakok
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Guest dakok

This one is from yesterday:


[ROM] Coolpad F1 custom rom based on official 029 version by seven wolves


ROM Author: FIRE reserve - a pack a day seven wolves    
Android: 4.2.2
Production date: 2014-06-19
ROM Size: 453.6 MB
Applicable models: Coolpad F1 WCDMA 8297w 

1, removed Coolpad custom software with icon residues 
2, re-adjusted desktop, the default is 3, the main screen weather page 
3, re-adjusted  menu icons for some unusual Tools folder 
4, added root privileges, thanks @ lone 
5, deleted cascade, keep cool input method 
6, a number of other conventional optimizations 


205924tt7xgcwlotvv7gco.png 205925f70illib0ljajjdx.png 205925hnzuiesuafuau12i.png
205925jd2xxxaccy2ikua3.png 205925of4e5tgyzvkjr5x7.png 
[ROM Download] 

Link Pass: dnyw 

Edited by dakok
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Guest StratosGK

I soft bricked my phone today with ColorOS V1.4

I tried the first method with the CPB but failed too many times at 98%.
Then i tried the second and it worked with the first time.


But the ROM thats included isn't rooted so i used one of the chinese programs that you suggested.

Worked like a charm! :)

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