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    • Hello, Do you have unlocked bootloader? Have you tried hard reset from stock or custom recovery?
    • You can disable proximity sensor and got: turned on screen during call + no blackscreen after call, but don't touch screen with cheek. execute: chmod 000 /dev/proximity on every boot or flash this initd-noProximityMedia.zip
    • Some of my friends are using this phone. It’s a surprise to hear this
      good news. I’m gonna buy it. I never used rugged phone before. But I
      think it cool especially when my friends use it to swim and take photos
      under the water. And it is resistant with bump, and drop. I’m very
      impressed with it.
    • Hello. I was wondering something about this tablet and is not possible find original stock rom anywhere.. Then I was make dump from my tablet, try another one rom and put back original rom. Everything working. But this tablet GEMQ9909 is absolutely useless and slow (parameters are good, but firmware is s**t). Now I will find, how to port another rom onto this tablet. (Already I was try another ROMS, but wifi and touchscreen not working, then I was put back original, until find solution).. If somebody want help me, just let me know and I'm able upload my ROM dump somewhere for download..   Thank you.
    • G510 TO Much fault my phone keeps restarting just now, it goes to the home screen then a few seconds it will restart again and same thing goes up to now. I tried hard reset it says that Emmc read only, you cant update your system.