• We all know by now that Xiaomi makes some incredibly good value devices and this is the latest in a long line - the Redmi Note 2. Coming in at under £115 imported from China, the device has a MediaTek Helio X10 processor, 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, a full HD 5.5 screen (as most devices seem to at the moment!), runs MIUI6 / MIUI7 and powers it all with a 3060mAh battery. The device has a soft-touch finish on the back and a 13 Megapixel phase detection auto-focus camera and in the time we've had with it so far, we're frankly pretty blown away. As we put it through its paces, now is your chance to get any questions in! 

    This is the Zuk Z1, a new, Lenovo-backed phone from China that will soon be available in Western markets running CyanogenOS. Packing a Snapdragon 801 processor (you know, the one that doesn't set fire to your trousers and monster your battery), 3GB RAM, 64GB storage and a 4100mAh battery (!) for a price imported from China of ~£200, it looks set to challenge OnePlus in the value stakes and perhaps put another nail in the coffin of traditional flagships. We have one here - what would you like to know?

    The Moto G from Motorola has long been a budget smash-hit. Since the original 4.5" phone launched back in late 2013, it has set new standards for price vs performance, providing just the right compromises in just the right places (vital at the £100-£150 pricepoint) together with a near-vanilla software build that makes the most of the hardware inside. New for the 3rd Generation, the Moto G can now be customised with 'moto maker' - so we gave it a spin, courtesy of Three.

    Amazon's free app of the day is dead. But the spirit of it lives on in 'Amazon Underground' - which is Amazon's replacement promotion offering selected paid apps (and significantly all their in-app purchases) completely free to the end user ('Actually Free' in Amazon Speak). Have you tried it out yet? There are definitely some gems in there and as an added bonus, the app developer is actually getting paid for the promotion (albeit perhaps not much).

    If you run a small business and you want to take card payments, the associated costs are often high. The market is blighted by monthly fees, hardware costs and large percentage costs for small volume payments. If you're a budding market trader, cake maker or computer fixer, cash might still feel like your only option. We've been trying out iZettle, who are looking to resolve this problem. And it's great.

    While Google Maps has matured nicely over recent years and other free alternatives such as HERE have also appeared, CoPilot, available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone and voted best sat nav app by Auto Express 3 years in a row, has long remained a favourite here at MoDaCo. The app, which offers both online features and fully offline navigation, is 30% off for a limited time AND we have 2 copies to give away!.

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