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    • 2 week old Google PixelBook
      8gb RAM
      128gb Storage
      i5 Processor

      Boxed in excellent condition - no marks or scrapes anywhere. Comes with a dongle or two. Awesome hardware - best keyboard out there. Gone are the days of ChomeOS being hobbled by this or that - can now run Android Apps, Linux, and various other environments. If you're after a Chromebook (and you should be) THIS is the laptop to get.

      Bought this for the wife, but she's an Apple person. I still use mine as main computer.

      RRP: £999

      Buy this for just £675!! delivered.
    • Title says it all really,  Huawei Mate 10 Pro.  Boxed with all accessories (which are unused).  Receipt from Carphone Warehouse in box for warranty purposes Titanium Grey colour.  Phone was bought unlocked from new but has a 3 splash screen because Huawei allowed 3 to do that if a 3 sim was the first inserted - not a mistake I will make again Screen protector still intact.  In a case from new, mint condition £345 incl RMSD Payment by bank transfer   Forgot to say that if this is your thing I also have the bootloader unlock code (unused) for this device  
    • Ha ha - wouldn't you know it - I got caught this time and had to pay an extra €50 (€40 VAT + €10 post office handling fee) on delivery. Bit of a bummer but still cheaper than buying locally (a few places now stock Xiaomi phones including the Note 5 here in Dublin nowadays). However a colleague said that he imported a load of 3D printer parts and they got through OK but then he got an additional small part in an envelope which was stopped and charged. So it looks like it's still pot luck but I presume that they're wiser to packages coming from the likes of China/HK etc. these days and are more likely to pick them out for inspection...?   BTW - apologies @KennyPowers for the delay in sending the battery - definitely this week. P&P seems to be only €1.50 so don't worry about it.
    • I am selling my Asus Zenfone 5, I got this simply to review. Came sim free/unlocked from Amazon France, so receipt available if required. Mint with box and all contents.  This phone is brilliant IMO. Headphone jack with good audio. Stereo effect speakers. Dual rear lenses one is 120 degree wide angle. Other is normal with large pixels and sensor. Asus went out to make the camera worthy and even got DxoMark to rate it.  And minimal bloat from Asus. A refreshing change. Photos and video of phone in my review https://gavinsgadgets.com/2018/06/25/asus-zenfone-5-review-camera-audio-asuss-stunning-new-midrange-phone-will-surprise-you/  Payment via BACS. Had one of the best feedbacks on PSC Forum and have a perfect rating on eBay too. Contact here or via email gavinfabl at gmail dotty com

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