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    • I Checked its Geekbench scores.
        Geekbench Scores Poptel P10: 838 single core and 3648  multi-core   what you think about the performance of the device?  
    • Since upgrading to Nougat only very recently, the phone battery is draining fast and some of the functionality of Marshmallow is gone.  Some of the irritations may seem minor to power users, but I am a low grade user - a bit of email (the unified inbox drives me mad) - messaging/calls mostly via WhatsApp and some internet use. I have not rooted, so no custom roms. Can I go back to Marshmallow from Nougat and, if so, does anyone have the stock rom?  I would also appreciate an 'idiot's guide'. Thanks
    • Spring Framework is considered as one of the most popular application frameworks in the Java community which was introduced by Rod Johnson in 2003. It provides comprehensive infrastructure support to develop enterprise Java applications very easily. Learn Java frameworks through Spring Hibernate Training in Chennai with FITA guidance. Spring Framework provides the powerful abstraction to several JavaEE specifications such as Java Transaction API (JTA), Java Message Service (JMS), Java Persistence API (JPA), Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and much more. Hibernate is an ORM framework which helps you to perform the database operation on Java objects (entities). Programmers with sound knowledge of Java are in great demand nowadays. With the large installed base, this continues to create jobs in the tech industry. Reach over at Hibernate Training in Chennai and build your very first application with FITA guidance. Struts is an action-based web framework which simplifies the creation of web and mobile applications in Java. It is based on Model-View-Framework (MVC) architect who was found in “Smalltalk” language. An Xwork and WebWork concept is used to create by Struts 2. Know more about Java frameworks via Struts Training in Chennai, once completing the course from FITA will help you to reach great height. Call us at 98404-11333 for Java course our counselors will provide you the details.
    • Are there anyone used KXD mobile phone? Give me some advice about this phone! thanks!
    • Hi, you can install apps and if you have logins then you can can have iptv on it. I will send it reset to default

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