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    • @Emphatic Groan - Same here, they engaged pretty much straight away.  They asked for screenshots, so I did that and gave them a load of technical details, and they said they'd pass it to the technical team. Let's hope it goes somewhere positive  🙂   To any others experiencing the same problem, it won't hurt to add your voice by contacting Tesco mobile via their Twitter page: https://twitter.com/tescomobile
    • I too could not find a relevant contact for Tesco so tried phoning their Tech. Support (surprisingly Hudl is still listed on the products supported page).I was put through to the Hudl team but the chap there was not very helpful - he seemed to think that the old server had bee dis-continued.IAfter looking through some old forum posts I tried flashing my Hudl with a custom Rom   (    TabbieDroid v1.5 download (includes update fixes) - http://www.mediafire.com/?bnjtbcda415kuqo )  The tablet started up and displayed a message "Android optimising apps 0-39 ,but when this completed it continued with the start up screen until it stalled at the wi-fi page ,as before. It does seem that this internet connection is essential and it is poor practice by Tesco if they are have now shut it down.I know the Hudl is an old model but it was very successful in it's day and there must be quite a few still in use.I only used mine as an e-book reader but it was a useful item and a handy reserve for web browsing etc. Let us hope that Tesco  re-instate the server after your contacts.
    • Have you heard anything back from Tescos? They haven't yet responded to me.
    • I've just found this thread via google and signed-up as I have a similar experience. Tesco mobile can be messaged via their Twitter page: https://twitter.com/tescomobile My Mother's Hudl was a bit messy with too many apps and I did a factory reset for her, and hit this same brick wall.  Perhaps they coded the setup wizard to ping Tesco servers instead of something generic, which was very short-sighted if so.  Anyway same problem, can connect to WiFi but it will not complete.  I found an original support page, which seems to confirm this.  In the "Perform a factory reset" section has the following message: Please note: If you factory reset the device while the Hudl services are down, the device will stay on a loading screen until the services are back online. https://techsupport.tesco.com/retailcustomer/hudl/hudl28-inch/index.html#l=trcust&lHsim=trcust&d=hudl/hudl2%208-inch&s=LCX_Root&loc=tescoretail   So it does seem that by switching off these servers, Tesco has officially killed the Hudl 2.    There is a rooting process, but it's quite involved and not worth the time for me. 

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